thomas helped his wife finished up breakfast for their sons, who each arrived last night. they were expecting their daughters sometime today. he knew his wife was excited to have their little family back together, especially since she had not seen their granddaughter in few weeks. he glanced over as the boys came down the stairs. they were quite difference in personality, yet they managed to get along well. they even bantered like siblings. he honestly was impressed by how well their families has meshed. "morning boys!" he called out, handing them each a cup for coffee.

easten took the cup from his father and walked over to the coffee pot. "morning pops. morning aggie!" he said, kissing his step-mother on the cheek before pouring himself coffee. he took a sip then walked toward the table, sitting down in the spot that had become his over the past few years. "bro, can you bring me the creamer on the way back?" he asked his younger step-brother. he was excited to see his sisters, but especially his niece.

owen turned down the radio another notch as he glanced in their rearview mirror to look at his sleeping daughter. she looked adorable. he then looked at his wife and chuckled. she was out as well, and was beginning to snore softly. they had been driving since last night, figuring that would be the best way to travel with their five year old. they would arrive within the hour, and he knew anna was excited to see her family.

flora groaned as she rolled over in the hotel bed, glancing over at her boyfriend. they has traveled over half way last night, but decided to stop at a hotel to avoid arriving super late at her parent's house. she covered her half naked body with the sheet as she leaned over to kiss him good morning.

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