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    Фото, автор svetlera на Яндекс.Фотках
  • Marta Bevacqua BOTANICA XV
  • GoGo Tomago
    GoGo Tomago is member of Big Hero 6. At the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, GoGo was in the process of creating a specialized bike that runs on electronically-magnetic suspended wheels which allows the wheels to run without restriction, to satisfy her intense need for speed. Tadashi introduced her to his impressed younger brother, Hiro, whom she explained her ambitions to. Later, after Tadashi managed to convince Hiro to join the institution, the young genius got to work on his newest...
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    L'aventure des chaussures Chie Mihara, c'est une histoire d'ouverture mais aussi de rareté, où l'absolu du luxe flirte avec les impulsions d'un instant, où nos envies de séduction fraternisent avec notre soif de bien-être. C'est que Chie Mihara elle-même...
  • Mario Koller La Ballerina
    Digital Artwork made with too much love as a gift for the greatest and talented ballerina Natália Parpinelli. Mario Koller © 2011-2015.
  • Athena!
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    This is a black female Jaguar that I captured at the amazing WHF in Kent. The Jaguar is the largest feline on the American continent, and is the only one of the world's 'big' cats to be found in the New World. Jaguars are closely related to Leopards and have a number of similar characteristics including the distinctive spotted pattern on their fur. The Jaguar is the third biggest Cat in the world behind the Tiger and the Lion and is well known for it's immense power and agility. In fact, the name Jaguar is said to come from the Native American word yaguar which means "he who kills with one leap". Despite their incredible power however, Jaguars have been hunted through the ages mainly for their staggeringly beautiful fur. Although hunting for Jaguar fur is now prohibited, population numbers have declined throughout much of their natural range, with Jaguars having completely disappeared from a number of areas. I just cannot begin to describe how beautiful her coat is, how powerful and big she was too! I had to be extra careful shooting her and needed to jump back from the bars when she came into swiping distance. I can say I was very respectful of this and believe it or not this is barely cropped! Certainly gets you heart racing. Interestingly you can still see her spotted pattern when the light shines on her coat! Still Speechless really, in complete and utter awe
  • River Island MOLLY
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    Tilaa ilman lähetyskuluja River Island MOLLY - Slim fit -farkut - mid auth : 54,95 € (27.2.2015)
  • Saint Laurent
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    Fringed fashion buys and inspiration
  • Sukienka z rękawkiem kobalt
    69% triacetat, 31% poliester Okragły dekolt Krótkie rękawy Długość za kolano Zapięcie: suwak Pranie ręczne w 30° C Prasowanie w niskiej temperaturze Kolekcja: Jesień Zima 2014
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    Фото, автор Inna.Ru-73 на Яндекс.Фотках