Ancient Meets Trendy: Aztec Home Décor

Patterns ahead! Live and adorn your home with the aztec print, known for its repeating patterns, bright colors and symmetry. From textural rugs to cushy ottomans, how will you incorporate this runway-to-room trend into your home?
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As a person who compulsively collects jewelry travel bags, let me, tell you, this one from Neiman Marcus, is a killer set! The first thing that struck me was the little square box in the right bottom corner. I bought one for my dad like that and one for myself. For my dad, those little zipper bags are great for separating small things, like foreign coins and his Mason rings, that he only uses when attending meetings. When away from home, he can pack away his watch at night and not ask my mom to store it with her things. For myself, I like the little sections to separate earrings, that I can't stand to get swallowed in bigger cases. The other smaller bags in the suite are a smart idea so you can categorize all your lovely jewels and keep them all together, too. It looks fantastic in the Pirates of the Caribbean with jewelry heaped up in a pile, but on the narrow sink counters of at the Wagon Wheel motel in Oxnard, it's just a freakin' mess.

Wrote three months ago
I love the colors and patterns! Congrats @mark-Malinowski - Your set is fabulous!

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i love this style ♥♥♥

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awesome sets ❣
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