It's me and my friend Andi!
My friend is the in the single picture who's laughing. 

To Andi: Ah bueno Andi espero que te guste! :) Te dije que iba a ser un set de estas fotos, están muy choras! 

Anyways. Hope you like it. I think it went out really awsome! :B Hahaha. 

So I was challenged by QueenB-Nyc♥. Thanks dear! :) I love your sets!
Well, I have to tell you personal stuffs about me. :B 

1. I don't like watermelon :O. I know, I know. Crazy right?
2. I'm a terrific photographer ;). At least that what some say. x)
3. I'm really really shy. 
4. I'm brunette. [like you could see on the set]
5. I have 4 cats. (I love animals!)
6. I'm with a friend right now. :) She says Hola. 
7. I love drawing :B. 
8. I cry in all movies. 
9. My name IS Daniella and my middle name is Andrea [Like my friend's] 
10. I hate wasting my time [Like when I go to the bathroom ¬¬]

I tag: 
KarenPetrova ♪♫

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