yea c; im doing one of these things cuz i feel nice giving you guys stuff ❤

- must be following me
- if you make up your own prize I must approve of it first 
- only choose five prizes 
- must fill out entire form. if you have an issue it must be discussed with me first
- i will pick 3 winners
- open until december 17
-good luck loves ❤

- inspired or dedicated set
- a set by me on your account
- you can raid me
- a shoutout
- your username in my bio for a week
- a follow-back
- 5O set likes
- five collection likes
- an icon
- make up your own prize

FoRM ;;
tag 11 people;


im really not happy right now. i feel kinda poopish. yestaerday wasn't the best day ever, and im really soar from basketball. i mean christmas is coming but that just means ill be all alone again for christmas because all my cousins are older then me and theirs a stupid new baby and now everyone ignores me even more then before. but last night i had the best dream i've ever had. it made me so happy im like crying right now. ❤❤❤ well i hope you all have a lovely day!!

xo andie

comment 'andie loves tiger' if you read all this for an additional 5 set likes c: and if ive already liked all your sets then you know that ily ❤❤❤❤ but i do love everyone.
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