We all know the sea is a mystery, but more so than we could ever imagine.
Many do not believe in angels, but those that do, have the faith that only believers know.
And so I shall reveal a little tale, that is seldom told, because it's a well kept secret, a secret of the sea.
Angels rest, oh my yes they do. 
Many angels rest on clouds, and yet there's a special angel that has her secret door, her hiding place, and it's in the sea.
In the sea ! 
How can this be ! She has wings, why would she sleep in the sea.
Well, this angel knows a special pair of fish, a special breed that understands faith and they believe.
What kind of fish can this be ? Fish are thoughtless, fish only swim in the sea. 
Not so, oh my, this is not so.
I know you, that are reading this, is a believer, so, I will reveal to you that Dolphins do know, they know the angel that sleeps in the sea.
She loves them, and they love her.
So when she needs rest, she swoops from the Heavens , as though diving into a pond, but it's the sea.
The dolphins open the secret door, and she sleeps on the pedestal that rest on the steps.
Should we ever know such bliss, such peacefulness, we would wish we were that angel that rests in the sea.
But instead, realize now that you know about this wonderful angel, make sure you let her know.
Let her know what, you ask...let her know....you believe
Words and set by Linda Caricofe
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