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Angele Speaks; Relationships

I think that teenagers should not rush into being in a relationship. I mean, it does suck to be seeing others around with their boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. It makes you feel a bit lonely and pressured to get someone too. I feel many people think that they don't have a bf/gf because they are considered 'not good enough' and I think you shouldn't feel that way. You ARE good enough, just the right person hasn't come along yet. I think that at a young age you don't have to worry about being commited to a relationship. Let loose. Focus on your future instead. You have so many years ahead of you, so make the best of it. Don't spend them groaning about how you don't have someone. It's OKAY. You're not gonna die. Spend your time figuring about you, focusing on YOU. Do things you like, dance, sing, writing, shopping, anything. Do things that please you. At this age, relationships end in heartbreak anyway. They don't last long. So don't waste your time. Wait until the perfect person comes a long. 

Check out my love, JOEY DIAMOND's video:

Its pretty much like my view on relationships.
I swear hes SO perfect.

I wish more guys were like that. ♥
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