Darcy (your 16-year-old) and Sophia (one of your 9-year-old twins) were having a shopping day together at the mall while you, your husband Harry, and your 9-year-old son Trevor were at a baseball game!

Harry had pulled up to the Angel’s Stadium parking lot and put the car in park. Trevor hopped out of the car and began to sprint towards the stadium doors!

“Trevor, wait! We have to get some stuff from the car!” Harry called after Trevor in his slow, deep voice.

We all grabbed jackets from the back and Trevor put some Starburst candies into his pockets to last him throughout the game. You and your boys gave a worker your tickets and proceeded into the park. You looked at the half you kept of your ticket and found your seat number. Having been to many a game at Angels Stadium, you knew your way around pretty well. You lead Harry and Trevor to your seats.

Right when you guys got to your seats, the National Anthem began to play. When the National Anthem finished, the game began! The Angels were playing their rivals: the Texas Rangers!

During the third inning, you decided to get lunch for your family. Taking Trevor, you maneuvered through crowds of people to get to a burger place. You ordered three giant burgers and, with the help of Trevor, successfully carried them back to your seats. You took a big bite of your burger. Boy, it tasted good! You were starving!

“So (Y/N), will you explain this game to me? Baseball’s not all that popular in the UK and I’ve never really learned the basic of it,” Harry told you.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that you’ve been sitting here watching this game and still don’t know what’s been going on the whole time?!” you exclaimed.

Harry nodded, “Well, I’ve been trying to figure it out. Is it that the guy with the stick has to hit the ball to that guy?”

“Haha no,” you explained the whole game to him as Trevor was munching on his soft pretzel and intently watching the game.

“Ohhhh, I see. Thanks for explaining that,” Harry thanked you and kissed your cheek. You smiled at him.

The game continued and when Josh Hamilton (you and Trevor’s favorite Angel) was up to bat, Harry shouted, “Go Howie Kendrick! Whooooo!!”

You sighed. ‘I guess Harry’s just not a baseball person!’ you thought.

When the game ended and the Angels won, a stadium announcer declared, “Hello Angel fans! Stick around for Big Bang Friday starting in less than ten minutes!”

(For my non-Angel fans out there… On Fridays the stadium puts on a big fireworks display when the game ends.)

Your family took out blankets from your “Great Big Bag of Stuff”. You and Harry shared a chevron-striped blanket and Trevor got his own blanket that he picked out. The fireworks started and they lasted about a half hour before it was time to go.

This one was a little tedious to write, but I hope you guys don’t think that! The outfit was fun to make haha! Anyway, tell me if you liked it!


Sorry if the paragraphs aren't showing! It's being a pain for me too!
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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
@tornadoegi Ohh, I see. Everybody has different interests!

Wrote three years ago
Yeah I try to understand it but my brain just can't comprehend it. I'm more of a football chick.

Wrote three years ago
@tornadoegi Oh okay, that's alright! Not a lot of girls our age follow much baseball. :)



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