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for this challenge, i had to use the picture in the top left, then write a story about it!
I tilt my head up towards the sinking sun, its brightness scorching my closed eyelids. The soft strum of the guitar washes over me like a crashing wave. I sit for awhile without moving, as if trying to freeze the moment, so even after the sun goes down and the music stops to play, I will be able to carry this memory with me forever. My hazel eyes narrow as I open them again, and everything slowly comes back into focus. 

The first thing I see is him. He is leaning against a sand dune, smiling softly at me before glancing back down at his guitar to pluck another chord. A sudden rush of wind travels up from the sea, causing his dark hair to dance like the tall sea oats poking out of the surrounding dunes. 

The next thing I notice is the ocean, stretching far into the distance and repeating its ongoing cycle. The water draws back from the sand, as if it has something to fear. Then when you think it cannot go back any further, it surges forward, building up a huge mass of water and foam. It collapses onto the shore with an inevitable CRASH, and before you know it, the cycle begins again. 

I look up and suddenly he is leaping to his feet, dropping his guitar in a mound of sand. A small crab scuttles away, evidently irritated by the commotion we are causing. He glances at me briefly, a mischievous gleam in his eye. I know that look. But before I am even on my feet he is off, sprinting down to the sea.

“Wait!” I scoop up his deposited guitar before racing after him. Finally I reach where he is standing, facing the sea. “What,” I gasp, “was that all about?” He stares out at the sea for a moment more before grinning down at me. 

“I have something to show you,” he holds out his hand, which I grab without hesitation. And then we are hurtling down the shore, kicking up sand and water as we go. After a while I start lagging behind but he continues to pull me, laughing, behind him. Finally he stops, letting go of my hand and clutching his sides as he gasps for air. I stand on my tiptoes and look around, but nothing seems very special about this particular spot. Same ocean same sand, same sun. Wait… My hand instinctively flies to my mouth as I gaze in awe. I look over to see a soft smile playing at his lips, as if holding in a secret.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he holds my gaze briefly before his eyes flit back to the spectacle unfolding in front of us. The sun is just beginning to set, blazing brighter than ever as it seemingly melts into the vast ocean. Pinks and oranges cascade across the sky, reflecting on the mirrored surface of the sea and turning it bronze. I merely nod, not wanting to ruin the moment with words. His hand finds mine and we stand in silence, watching the sun melt like a candle until it is reduced to nothing more than a golden sliver on the horizon.

“Why here?” I finally ask. He studies me, his expression confused. “We could have just watched it from where we were,” I giggle. 

“Oh.” He looks around, as if just discovering where we are. “I’m not sure,” he laughs, and I let myself laugh with him. “Come on,” he turns back. “Let’s head home.” And we begin to retrace our steps, but slower this time. I let my head rest on his shoulder, and he wraps his arm affectionately around me. 

And then it occurs to me; no matter where you look from, the world always appears different. Whether you watch the world upside down or through a glass window, it will never look the same to any two people. I glance up at him, wondering if that is what he had meant by taking me to a different place to watch the sunset. The smile that continues to play at his lips tells me he had. I pull him closer and we walk in silence, each watching the world go by from our own perspective.
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