Christine 'Chris' Daae 
aged sixteen
After her father died when she was three, Christine was taken in by the head mistress, a good friend of his. She's been well cared for, provided quality education, dancing classes , and singing lessons. She has the voice of an angel, and she's really come into her own ever since she's been training with a mysterious someone. She is filled to the brim with star quality, but she's content with hanging in the background for now.
looks: Jessica Serfaty

Layout @thatporcelaindoll
I basically got this entire pink outfit from a collection by @princess70xox. Thanks for having a collection that I could raid.


The collection has music and pictures. Aw yeah.

Chris's favourite colour is pink.


“Christine, darling, you need to sing a little louder!” the teacher says shrilly, her voice rising beyond its abnormally high pitch. If I could sing as high as she talks, I’d be an opera star.

“Sorry,” I say meekly, because I don’t have the nerve to talk back. Sighing, I straighten my back and open my mouth. The notes come drifting out, and I close my eyes, trying to enjoy the melody.

It’s not long until the teacher interrupts again. “Christine, dear, please sing LOUDLY.” She’s a big fan of stupid terms of endearment like “dear” and “darling.” I’m a big fan of people leaving me alone. We don’t get along too well, unsurprisingly.

I close my eyes and start singing as loudly as I can. While I do, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising. There shouldn’t be anything wrong – after all, the teacher’s here, and though obnoxious, she’s perfectly competent and unlikely to be an axe murderer.

But there’s someone.

I can’t see them when I lift my eyelids, but I feel them. Hiding, somewhere. Just waiting for me to find them.




Top Five:
I'm so picky, I only have three. Heh. Sorry I'm annoying.
1. Chris
2. Daisy <3
3. Mina
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