Late 2000s
1980s revival
Beginning in 2006, men and women's fashion was influenced by 1980s punk, especially acid wash skinny jeans, bright neon colors, fishnet stockings, and jackets customised with metal studs. Shirts and jeans featured ripped fabric held together by an array of safety pins and leather jackets made a comeback. Celebrities sporting the look included singers, Madonna[26] and Mariah Carey.
By 2008, this look had gone mainstream due to the popularity of indie pop influenced by rave and New Wave music. This second, larger wave incorporated more general items of 80s streetwear, like animal print headbands, denim-print jeggings, knitted sweater dresses, Nike Tempo shorts, wonderbra and sloggi underwear, geometric pattern tops, slap bracelets, ballet flats, black spandex leggings, and light, translucent tartan shirts worn with a camisole underneath. Long, baggy empire line shirts were taken in at the bustline and often paired with a belt. Fur coats made a comeback, although many woman used "fish fur" due to real fur's association with animal cruelty.
Activist chic
In Britain and Australia, Middle Eastern shemaghs were worn as scarves as a protest against the Iraq War and demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinians.
In 2007, Che Guevara chic was popular in Europe and Latin America, with olive green fatigue jackets, boonie hats, berets, and T-shirts featuring red stars or the face of the famous revolutionary.
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