So, I've referenced this book series before, and here's a whole set devoted to Anita.

As far as clothes go, I've got a flippy little skirt that she finds useful for concealed carry, when she has to dress up (although high slitted skirts are good too). I included a belly band to go under it (see right).

She's not big on halters, but that's definitely a top she'd take as a decent compromise with her number one honey and oft fashion director, vampire Jean-Claude--as opposed to something composed of nothing but leather straps, for instance. And it's good because it highlights the cleavage she's naturally built to show.

The long black coat is good for covering more weapons, as well as her numerous scars from fighting the undead and other nasties. And the boots are another compromise with Jean-Claude--reasonable heels as opposed to insane spikes. :-P (When dealing with vampire politics, looking good is almost as important as how tough you are.)

I included some of her most-mentioned weapons--sawed-off shotgun, Browning Hi Power, Firestar, and the sweet mini Uzi. The shotgun's the ideal weapon for vampire execution--two shots can take out the heart and head--forget hammering stakes. I also included her wrist sheaths and the sword she wears down her back.

This will probably be the only set in which I ever use crosses. In the Anita Blake universe, when backed by faith, crosses glow blindingly in the presence of vampires.

I haven't started reading the comic books yet, though I'm preparing for that--I plan to use them to try to get into the medium. But I thought pics from them would be good illustration, and I added one of the more important books from the series, Cerulean Sins. It's the one I usually recommend people start with before going to the beginning.

Oh, and I put a little plush penguin at the very bottom right, for Anita's Sigmund. Back when she used to sleep alone, she slept with him and he's still a comfort.
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