Anna Belcourt.

Anna laughed. New guest are always fun, but this group was different. 'Shall we get out of the water and take a look at the apartment?' Anna pointed at the building in front of her. 'There it is.' Katy gasped. 'Apartment?! More like a castle! Man, it's huge!' Thomas nodded. 'Yes, it really is.' Anna opened the door and smiled. 'This is the hall, and your rooms are upstairs. That's the kitchen, but you'll have to share it with the other guests, scince ther's only one kitchen in the building. You'll have to share the pool too, but the rest is yours.' Denise stared at Anna. 'Pool! Is there a pool?' Anna didn't answer and walked to the left. 'There it is.' Denise started feeling like fainting. The walls started shaking, floor crumbled and room started spinning. 'O God... Is that... Is that... Li...Li... LIAM PAYNE?' Anna smiled like Liam Payne wasn't standing in front of her. 'Liam stays here too, so you guys will have to share the pool and kitchen, like i said. I hope you don't mind?' Denise rolled her eyes. This Anna-girl was defenitly crazy. First, she forgets to mention that One Direction are the other quests. And the she thinks Denise minds sharing a house with them. Seriously?! 'Hey!', Liam said. Denise felt like someone sqeezed her lungs. 'Hey!', she answered. Suddely she goot all confused, like she didn't know how to walk anymore. Liam looked at her. 'Don't be so nervous! Relax.' Denise took a deep breath and nodded. 'Okay, I'm fine, thank you.'
A few hours later, Anna stood up and looked at Thomas. 'Wanna make a bonfire on the beach? It's really beautiful outside at this time of the day.' Fifteen minutes later everyone sat around the fire. Denise felt sorry she didn't bring marshmellows, like people on television always do. The fire made her think of one of the scenes in the music video of Cascada's Summer of Love, when everyone started dancing around the fire. 'Let's dance!' Louis smiled,'Why not.' Louis started dancing and looked at Zayn. Zayn rolled his eyes, 'You know i'm not going to dance, right?' Katy laughed, 'Me niether. I don't get the whole dancing-thing.' Zayn smiled, 'I know right! How is moving around on music that fun? And even if i'd wanna dance, it'd probably look histerical.' Katy smiled and her eyes lit up. Finally someone who understands her. 'THE LIST!' Katy turned around, heavily breathing since Denise's screaming almost gave her a heart-attack. 'What 'the list'?'
'The bucket list!' Now Katy remembered. The whole reason they came here in first place. The list. Harry seemed totally confused and asked, 'What bucket list?' Nina was the first one to answer. 'When we were little, we made a list of things we wanted to do before we turn 16. We came here to finish the list. And meeting you guys is one of the things on our list, so we're one step closer to finishing the list.' Niall said, 'Cool! How many things are there left on your list now?' Lexi grabbed her purse and started looking for the list. '20 or something...', she answered. 'WHAT?!', Katy yelled. Lexi looked a little nervous, 'Wait, Kate, I can explain...'
'Don't call me Kate! You told me, 'just a few more things on the list. HOW is 20 'a few' ?' Lexi sighed. 'I hate lying, but i thought, if i honestly told there were 20 left... you guys would be dicouraged.' Katy sighed.'Yeah, we
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