Anna Panchester

Name: Anna Panchester
Age: 17
POB: England
DOB: March 18
Looks: Really dark brown hair that almost looks black when wet, a smooth skin, tanned, chocolate eyes that always have a tint of mascara and a tint of curiousity in them, arched eyebrows, pink shiny lips that all guys would love to kiss. .Anna has a nice body, not the slimmest, but quite nice. She has a knack for finding great accersories and usually wears really lacy and formal clothes. Anna is quite rich and loves to buy herself clothes.
Bio: Anna was born on March 18, in London England. She is quite used to rain and likes to dance in it. Anna is quite rich and has an estate that her grandfather gave her back in England. She was quite proud when she was young and liked to have a certain group of friends. Anna loved parties and would, since she was popular, go to each one of them. Anna left England when she was 15 to go visit her uncle that lived here. She liked it here so she stayed and went to a school that Marie was in. They met and that was how she was invited. Anna is very excited for the trip but isn't excited being with Miley.

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