Annabel Lee {TE}

n a dystopian future where resources are scarce, families have the opportunity of their lives if they have a female from ages 16 to 20 in their families. These ladies can apply for a chance to compete against other females from other provinces to win the Prince's affection and a coveted royal title of 'Princess'. For each week they spend in the Selection, their families are compensated with money. The Prince himself is the one that chooses who stays and who leaves the competition.

Once the group of 35 has been narrowed to 6, they are called the Elite. It's there that the competition gets tougher and everyone keeps their date details to themselves. (Everyone gets a chance to go out on dates with the Prince and he's the one that chooses who goes out with him that week).

The country of Illéa wasn't always the place it is right now. It used to be the United States of America, before the war against the Chinese. It was thanks to Gregory Illéa that the nation was restored to its former glory and since he married into royal family, the newly founded country now had a monarchy. The rulers of Illéa believe that a true daughter of their country can be part of the royal family too, which is why they're giving this opportunity to the nation's young ladies.
Annabel Lee Fitzgerald is one of the girls hoping to be selected for this opportunity.

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@ingrid thanks so much!!

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this is great!


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