Full Name: Annabelle Gemma Williams
Age: [[13-18]] 16+
Looks: Check collection
Personality: Flirty, emotional, friendly, fun and down-to-earth. She enjoys juicy stories and loves been around funny people and enjoys a sunny afternoon. She belives in fate and reps #ObeyReality and #UglyGang.
Bio:Annabelle was born into the Williams family on a rainy day. After a long separation, her mother, Rosetta who was pregnant happened to run into her father in a mall. Things went well and they were back together. Annabelle was brought into the world by Her dad's own sister, Eleanor ( At the age of 10, Annabelle had started modelling from kids model agencies and was a sought after. A few months later, she added singing and dancing to it. And at the age of 13, she started acting in school plays. She loves being herself and is extremely social.
Secrets: None
Relationship Status: Single
Other:Singing, Dancing, Reading, Writing, Surfing the net, Designing and just Being me.
Hope for the Future: To become a respected member of the campus and a role model to students. She also hopes to become a respected medical doctor or a succesful mass communicator.
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