Annalyn's French Countryside Estate

Annalyn is the proud owner of this quaint cottage in the french countryside! She lovingly grows all her own food in the rich fertile soils, whereas her chickens, goats, cows and sheep provide everything else she needs to make her food. Every saturday she sells her fresh milk, eggs, cheeses, breads and fruit and veggies at the local farmers market. She has raised two beautiful daughters, Josephine and Maria, who enjoy playing in the creek and climbing the huge 100 year old red oaks on the bountiful 40 acres of rolling hills and lush forests!


Wrote three years ago
thankyou so much @catzmeow I love Annalyns house!!!!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
@emjule thankyou so much! @kurious thank you!!!!! what frame idea? the frame around the whole set?

Wrote three years ago
This series is just to cool. I love the frame idea.

Wrote three years ago
Thankyou @tere24 this collection isnt even close to done so keep checking back for new rooms!!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
awww!!!! yes, pastels are definitely my absolute favorite!!!! my house isnt pastel, more ivories, greys and blues, but if you looked in my closet, it looks just like laurens house! lots of lacey pink shirts galore!

Wrote three years ago
I totally thought of you after I put together Lauren's series as the colours are very much your style... so it's no surprise that you say that!

Wrote three years ago
@cb-hula I think me and Lauren are going to be buddies!!! i can tell from her place so far!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Did I tell you that I love this?! I love this.
Ok, so as you were excitedly creating this masterpiece and imagining how the home might be arranged... I was also excitedly creating three different apartments for three different gals and I somehow was able to create floor plans for them so that my followers could better understand my vision. Looks like we were on the same page today :)


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