Annie Oakley

Somebody once told Annie Oakley that if she got a Red Ryder BB gun she’d shoot her eye out… she shot their eye out instead. Okay, not really, but Annie could hold her own in the firearms department. She could supposedly split a playing card edge and put six holes in it before it touched the ground with a .22 rifle from 90 feet away. Born into poverty in Ohio, Annie began hunting at age six to support her siblings and widowed mother before rising to fame as a sharp shooter with “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” in 1885. During her career she performed for Presidents, Queens and taught upwards of 15,000 women how to use a gun.

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Your collections blow my mind! I love the info at the top, and then all the pieces that are so perfect! Really well done. Each collection is phenomenol!

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I played Annie Oakley when I was about 22 yrs old, nice collection