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Hello there~~
I'm so excited! Tomorrow i'm going to a huge mall in Barcelona for shopping ^^ I can't wait I can't wait!!!!
Well, this set is quite old....but anyways I like the colours in it so I posted it :)
I was tagged by the amazing @i-love-stan-the-man here: http://www.polyvore.com/money_is_anthem_success/set?id=74276817 and here: http://www.polyvore.com/everybodys_celebrating_cl_day/set?id=73684243
1st tag!
- Answer these questions!
- Tag at least 10 polyfriends when you finish!
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Name: Alicia
What are you wearing?: electric blue t-shirt above a white tank top. Navy blue jeans/leggings and my black vans
Favorite band: Just one!? Let me, at least choose two! I'll say 2ne1 and BigBang
Favorite Song: Every day I have a new favourite song. Today I it's BigBang's Love Song ♥
Favorite shoe brand: Christian Louboutin
Favorite color: Green!
Favorite food: Pizza and sweets, specially chocolate :P

Do you want to die or eat a raw turtle?: WT*?
(sorry for cursing!) What a crazy question! >..<

Do a dance or do a shopping spree?: Whenever I do something happily I dance, so I could go shopping and dance! 
CRAZY STUFF! (type anything)
Did you like it?!

1.) Least favorite color skittle?
Love them all!

2.) Worst flavor of candy?
I can't think of anything now... I think I like them all

3.) Movie genre(s) that would describe your life?

4.) Worst book you've ever read? "if I go to Sagramanta when there's dust and snow" This is the literal translation from the spanish title

5.) Do you like the way your handwriting looks?

6.) Last movie you saw in theaters and was it any good?
It has been a long time since I don't go to the theater, so I don't remember

7.) Do you have long fingernails or stubby fingernails? 
I used to bite my nails, but now I'm letting them grow ^^ 

8.) Favorite person on youtube?
9.) Favorite writing utensil?
10.) Been to an anime con?
11.) What kind of computer are you on? (or mobile thingy)
It's a desk computer
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