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(collab with my @sassy pants ;) :****** i'm about to do a lot of catch up here so bear with me if i'm collabing with you!!) 


“Coulter.” I looked up from my computer and took off my glasses. 

“I'm sorry do I know you?” I asked grinning at my cousin. He laughed.

“So funny.” He rolled his eyes and came to sit down next to me.

“No I'm serious. You look familiar, but the guy I knew fell head over heels for the girl next door and then fell off the face of the planet.” Noah smirked at me and nodded towards my computer.

“Why are you doing bar inventory for 2014?” he asked me seriously. I shrugged. Since things with me and Gabby went south I had decided to delve into work instead of hooking up with every girl on sight like I did after Melanie. But I missed her. I missed her so much it killed me. And all she did was ignore me. But it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that I had to love her or leave her. She could have given me the chance. 

“Because I did the inventory for this year and next year.” I told him seriously. He just looked at me and shook his head.

“Take a break Coult. As impressed as I am that you kept the place running while I was gone and managed to get 3 years of paperwork done in just a few months? You need a life.” 

“I don’t need anything.” 

"Oh you do. You need me." Noah smirked, looking at me from the corner of his. I turned to him, shooting him a blank stare as I let out a breath. 

"Yeah and how long before Kori pops out and you forget that I exist?" I asked seriously. Lately? All he ever did was spend time with Kori. Not that I blamed him. If I had a girlfriend like her I’d never leave her either.

 "You sound jealous." he joked.

 "Damn, I am!" I sighed, but broke into a slow grin. Lucky for him I was in a good mood….well I wasn’t in a bad mood. 

 "I thought so." Noah said, running his hand through his hair. , "Kori's home. No one will interrupt us." Wait…home like as in her home? Because last time I checked she was living with Gabby...

 "Home? Like your home?" I almost asked it as a joke..knowing Noah. He liked his space. 

"Yep." He said instead, shrugging it off as if it wasn’t the biggest commitment he’d ever made in his life. "She's living with me now." 

"I told you. I don't know you, you can't be my cousin." I said seriously and shook my head. Noah laughed, getting up and glancing at me,

 "Let's go eat idiot."

“I already ate.” I said, nodding towards the sandwich on the table next to me. Noah quirked his eyebrow at me.

“That’s a pathetic dinner.”

“I had scotch too.” I smirked and Noah smirked at me.

“Drinking on the job? I should fire you.” He chuckled and I laughed.

“Well you won’t need me for paperwork now that I’ve done it for the next two years.” I smirked at him and he nodded.

“You should be more of a slacker, I’ll have no more need for you now.” he replied. I sighed and grabbed my jacket.

“I’ll go eat with you, but I think that you might spontaneously combust without Kori sucking your face for more than an hour.” I teased him. He shrugged.

“It will be difficult, but I think I’ll survive.” I shook my head as I followed him out of the building, locking up behind me.

“You are an entirely different person Noah.” I told him. Noah nodded, looking over at me as if he wanted to say something. Probably that I was a different person too. Which wasn’t really true. I was the same person I was after Melanie left me. I was alone. Which was fine by me. 

“Is it bad?” he asked instead opening the door to our favorite place and letting me walk in first.

“No. It’s great. I'm happy for you really. But I do reserve the right to say I set you two up at your wedding.” I smirked. 

"It's not happening anytime soon." Noah rolled his eyes, but he didn’t necessarily turn it down like he used to…woah. 

"But it will eventually?" I raised one eyebrow at him, taking a seat as he did too. 

"Do we have to talk about it now?" he asked, glancing back at me as he shifted his chair around.

"No, but changed so much I wouldn't be surprised." 

"I didn't change that much Coult." He smirked, shaking his head as a waiter walked over to us and we ordered. 

"Sure?" I teased my cousin. It was a good change for him. I always hated listening to him when all he was doing was cheating on Guilia with random skanks. I didn’t have anything to offer to that conversation…..well at least I didn’t at that point. Though now I didn’t really have much to offer now. But love? I could at least relate to that. 

"If I will you'll be the first one to know it." Noah smirked. "But I warn you, you couldn't come to my wedding without a date." There it was….that Gabby talk was about to come up. 

 "Thank god is not happening." I muttered under my breath, grabbing the bottle of wine as it got set on our table and filling both our glasses…full. 

"You need to go out new people..." Noah said carefully, though I'm sure he preferred loner Coulter to the player version. I certainly hated myself less. I downed my glass of wine and stared at him blankly, 

"No thanks." Noah sighed, sipping his wine slowly, 

"You're still not over Gabs, right?"

“She didn’t even give me a chance to be with her.” I said bitterly. “There’s nothing to get over.” Noah shook his head.

“That is such bullshit.” He said before sipping his beer slowly. I glared back at him.

“Just because you’re living happily ever after doesn’t mean you know what the you’re talking about with all relationships Noah.” I said coldly. He widened his eyes. 

“I'm not pretending to know everything.” He said. “But I do know you.” 

“You haven’t even said two words to me in months.” I replied. I sounded like a girl. But it was true, and I could have used a best friend….and he was my family. It had been a very long two months. 

“Okay….I deserved that.” He agreed, eating some of his dinner. I ran my tongue across my lips and sighed.

“I didn’t mean to be an a.sshole.” I said. Noah shook his head.

“No you’re right. I got caught up with things with Kori. I'm not sorry about that in any way. But I should have been there for you too man.” I shrugged.

“It’s not like I was dying.” I said under my breath.

“Why can’t you just tell her you want her?” he asked, ignoring me. I shrugged.

“Because it’s all or nothing for her. If I'm not in love right now she doesn’t want me. It’s ridiculous.” 

"It is ridiculous, you're right." Noah said honestly. 

"It doesn't make it any better though." I admitted, sighing as I ran a hand through my hair. God I missed her….it was different from the way I had missed Melanie too. That was more of me holding on to something so hard that it broke….with this? I just missed her laugh and her smile and the way I was totally myself when I was with her. Why did she have to take that away?! And then blame me as the one who ruined it?!

 "Did you talk to her?" Noah asked eventually. I just glared at him, not saying a word as I took a long sip from my glass. Because it’s that easy. Just talk to her. Oh god I wish I had thought about that!!!! Idiot. “I was just wondering...but okay, I got it." 

"Are you going to try to convince me how I should talk to her now?" I raised one eyebrow at him, an annoyed look back on my face I knew….. 

"Nope." He shook his head, reaching for his glass and rolling it between his palms, "If you really liked her you wouldn't give up on her this easily...but you did, so you were right and it was just a crush or something like that." "

Reverse psychology doesn't work on me. That's b.ullshit." I said, giving him an amused look..

"I'm being honest there. You've been months without even talking to her." Noah paused, "If you really liked her? You'd be dying to do something instead of locking yourself in your office."

“What is it I'm supposed to do? She’s on vacaction!!!” I snapped back and Noah rose an eyebrow at me.

“Well last time you lost a woman you became the world’s biggest so you could try that again.” I rolled my eyes.

“You are the world’s biggest Noah.” I said, taking a sip of my beer as he glared at me. “Well you were!!!” I adapted. True Kori was his whole life now. But if he had just listened to me for the first 5 years of them being “best friends” he wouldn’t have wasted so much of his life on slu.ts. 

“I was just giving you an option.” Noah shrugged, taking a bite of his pasta and making me glare at him.

“I don’t want to get laid Noah.” I spat, annoyed we were even having this conversation. Really I’d rather have him gushing about his precious girlfriend then listen to this.

“Sure.” Noah said, his signature smirk begging to be slapped off of his face.

“If I wanted that? I wouldn’t be sitting here with you. I’d be doing something about it.” 

“Still it’s been months since you and Gabby…..ended whatever the hell you were doing. You can’t be happy with celibacy again.” I looked down at my plate away from Noah’s eyes and he dropped his fork. “Are you fu.cking someone?!” he made a face that would seriously kill me if looks could do that. “I swear to god Coult if you say it’s Melanie I will fire you.” 

“First of all? You can’t fire me for having a relationship, it’s completely unrelated to business.” 

“I can do whatever the hell I want it’s my clu-“ he started his face getting red for how annoyed he was, but I wasn’t listening.

“Secondly? No I'm not sleeping with my ex-wife. I'm not that stupid.” 

“Could have fooled me.” Noah said under his breath. “I know you’re not telling me something though Coulter I saw it in your face. I may have been an absent friend for a while but I still know you better then anyone.” I just shrugged.

“I went on a few dates.” I replied.

“And?” Noah asked me. I took a second and then sighed.

“They weren’t Gabby.” I said finally. 

"Are we talking about the part where they're not good enough at s.ucking your d.ick-" 

"Noah." I glared at him, only because I had gone an entire day without thinking about sex with Gabby and now? All I was thinking about was her lips……oh 

"I was just wondering." Noah shrugged innocently. I sighed, and ran a hand through my hair as my mind now switched to Gabby’s legs wrapped around my waist…..ugh. 

"Gabs was epic." I said eventually, forcing the thoughts out of my head. 

"That's what Donovan said too." Noah said casually as if the thought that she had let him touch her didn’t send me into a red haze. him. How was he even related to us?!? He didn’t deserve to touch the ground Gabby walked on. 

"Don't ever bring him up again." I said narrowing my gaze on him, as I felt my hand going into a fist around my fork. 

"Why?" he shrugged, keeping a straight face….at this point I knew he was fu.cking with me, but I didn’t care I still hated it. "I was just stating a fact." 

"You know what I-" I started but cut myself off, blinking my eyes at him before snorting, I wasn’t going to waste my time playing his game. "Whatever." 

"Do you really want her to end up with a Donovan?" Noah furrowed his eyebrows at me, 

"You shouldn't use your brother as bad example."

 "Even if he's my brother I can say he's awful with girls." Noah said quietly, "You didn't answer my question though. Is that what you want? Her ending up with another s.hitty man when she could be with you instead?"

“Gabby won’t end up with Donovan. He doesn’t even like her.” I rolled my eyes and Noah shrugged.

“You could have fooled me with the way he was talking about how she moved her hips when he.” I slammed my fist down on the table making Noah’s pasta fly off of it. 

“Shut the up!!!!!” I almost yelled, sighing and ordering Noah a replacement. He shrugged.

“You say you don’t want to be with her….but you sure are acting jealous for a guy who doesn’t care.” I groaned.

“I never said I didn’t fu.cking care. I just didn’t tell her I loved her!” Noah shrugged.

“It sounds like she heard the first part.” He said. “Now I have to wait for the chef and I'm hungry. Give me yours.” I shoved my plate over to him and leaned back against my chair.

“Well if that’s what she heard it was wrong.” I said softly. Noah looked up.

“And what’s right?” He asked with a mouthful of food. Gross.

“What’s right….is we probably slept together too soon after Melanie…who the hell ends up with their rebound girl?” Noah shrugged.

“I did.” I smirked.

“Kori’s going to love being called that.” I mentioned. Noah shrugged.

“It’s not about labels. I don’t think of her like that. I just think of her as the woman I love more than anything in the world. Who cares how you met or how you got together or about anything else? If she makes you happy? Don’t worry about it.” I looked back at him.

“You’ve gotten wise with your lovesickness.” I said after a few moments. 

“Bullshi.t I’ve always been wise.” He replied, smiling and downing his beer.

“Yeah. A wiseas.s.”
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