♕ song // move along
♕ artist // the all-american rejects
♕ album // move along


follow @amberishdead and @lacerated-lullabies ok? because they are perf.

So today I got my sexy Halloween costume. I'm going to be Castiel from supernatural. I bought a trench coat like his for hella cheep. It was only $5. And I also got a white button up shirt and a blue tie. And I'm going to wear it with black boots and navy blue skinny jeans. Now I only have to buy black angel wings and I'm all set. I can't wait. 

Today I had a half a day aka a 3/4 starving day at school and I brought these amazing brownies that I made and I loved life and totally ate them in class with no shame. 

And after school I have just been talking to people on kik which is awesome and I would love to make more friends on there. My username is lxcid_dreamer if you want to causally talk to me. 

Recently I have been listening to a lot of music by The All-American Rejects because they are perf and the lead singer is hot as hell and I love him and yes it's a perf band and I just have been all about them recently. 

« † question of the day † »
01. What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
(Castiel from supernatural)
02. Do you have a kik? If so talk to me maybe? I'm lxcid_dreamer

♡ This is not what it is, only baby scars. I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side. ♡

~ Տαяαℏ // #heysarahxoxo 

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Wrote two years ago
wednesday addams :)

Wrote two years ago
« ☹ You said you can't get to heaven unless you get high ☹ »
01. @love-and-berry - I don’t talk to you as much as i should because I should but I love you Allie. You are so pretty and really a really awesome person who i always love talking to whenever i get the chance.
02. @amethyst-royale - Ella, you are so nice and a cool person to talk to. You have a great music taste and you are just a awesome person. Divergent forever.
03. @in-this-darkness-i-see-colors - Riley you are so swag. I love you and so does Amber. We love talking to you and you are one of the most swag people we know. So anyway you are awesome and swag and pretty and i love you.
04. @caught-in-a-dream - Omg I love you so much. You were my 1st friend on here. So anyway you are a awesome funny person and you give great advice. You are so pretty and you are the des to my nate. I love yous. <3
05. @supermuffinslayer - I love your sets and i have always wanted to be your best friend and love life with you and have you join my tea party mosh pit but I am terrible at conversations and you probably think I’m weird now. Sorry.
06. @contrygurl -You like christian novelli and a lot of awesome bands so you are probably very swag. So hey person who seems swag that i have never talked to before.
07. @xxpokemonicaxx - You seem to like a bunch of awesome bands that i like so yes i love your life now.
08. @welcome-to-the-rest-of-our-lives - Hey omg your tumblr is perf. I love it and i shall follow you and love life now because your post are beautiful. You also have a awesome username btw.
09. @nerdygirl112706 - Hi. You have a good taste in fashion and your prob swag.
10. @favourite-worst-nightmxre - i love you and your life. you are so awesome to talk to and it's so nice to start talking to you again. i really missed talking to you.

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« ☹ But there's no word of hell on the way back down ☹ »
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« ☹ You said it's now or never, You only live once ☹ »
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