This promos just keep comin' and comin'.
So, you might all know Lucilla right?
The cute chick with red hair and the excellent devious battle strategies, right?
What you might not know is that she has a sister, and this sister is called Sienna. The two have the same mother, Hera.
Sienna is very pretty, and she's very good at fighting, and she's a little wild. So far so good. But Sienna is pregnant.
She got r.aped by a man in an alley before coming to Camp Half-Blood, but despite this, Sienna is strong, and this doesn't bring her down.
You want to know more about Sienna?
At six months pregnant she fought in the war at Camp Half-Blood. 
Yeah. That's pretty much the most badass thing ever.
While Lucilla takes on Hera's powerful, battle-wise side that is ready to cause one hell of a trouble, Sienna takes on her mother's gentler side, that of maternity. The two halves are complete.
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