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This set is dedicated to all my wonderful poly-friends that I have been friends with over the years. I can't even call some of you girls friends because it seems more like I have sisters. And I don't have any biological sisters so having so many "unnies" and "dongsaengs" on this site is a wonderful thing. 

@chomiczynka : J unnie, you are one of my closest friends. And I am so honored that you consider me a friend as well. Since I first joined, I had always seen your sets as inspiration (and I still do today). I can count on you for anything because you are such a dependable unnie. I can't wait until I get to see one of your films on the big screen! <3 

@equinoxstar : My lovely dongsaeng! *glomp* I'm so glad I got to meet you this year. You are my SD buddy ^.^ I love our conversations and your comments because they are always make me happy and make me laugh. I love your stories and your writing. May we continue to be friends dear <3 

@maybones : aigoo! My May! ^.^ I'm so proud of you for all that you have done and have been able to accomplish throughout the past years. You are defiantly one of my inspirations for when I go to study abroad. You always give me support and I feel like I can talk to you about anything. Stay strong always dear <3 

@dinoburger : I always love reading your stories comments. And I'll try in the future to remember your age...haha sorry unnie *.* Let's continue to be friends okay? Can't wait to enjoy another year with you <3 

@nyamnyam : zsuzsi unnie! My wonderful unnie! I'm so glad that we have been friends over the years. You have introduced me to a lot of groups like 2pm and of course....EXO! You made me into a bit of a fangirl :) I hope we continue to be friends <3 

@jenny-ism : Jenny dongsaeng! I'm glad that you have made your way back to us! I always love reading your rantings because they make me laugh always! I could never touch hongki because I know his yours always ^.^ I hope you continue to have a wonderful time in high school <3 

@aurora-zg : I've missed you dear! I know your on polyvore but I miss your comments and our conversations. I hope you have a wonderful holiday break unnie <3

@hellounicorn : JamJam unnie! Aigoo *.* My talented unnie, can't you give some of that talent to me? :D You have also been one my first friend on this site and I really appreciate that. Let's continue to be long lasting friends! <3 



Wrote three years ago
Thank you for the wishes dear! *hugs*

Wrote three years ago
Thank you <3 So you are a Potter-head too? I'm glad we share that in common! Happy holidays to you too!

Wrote three years ago
pretty set! ^^ and you are welcome! if you need new biases just tell me ;D

Wrote three years ago
@kittykathearts : aigoo! How could I have forgotten my kitty dongsaeng -.- *hit head against drawer like dobby in Harry Potter* I want to wish a wonderful holiday and to thank you for being such a good friend this past year ^^ I hope you continue to make talented sets like the ones I know you can make! Stay strong dear <3

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Wrote three years ago
Omo, this set is just too sweet~^^
I'm glad someone reads my rants, it keeps me from thinking i'm crazy (okay, i guess I'm already crazy..)
And you can touch Hongki..like a poke or something.... :o lolol
Happy holidays unnie!

Wrote three years ago
Amazing look^^

Wrote three years ago
I feel I'm rather a burden to all of you since I'm always complaining about everything but you have no idea how happy it makes me to know you all are always supporting me! I love you like my sisters and I can feel free to call you my friends... without that 'poly' part! so I'm glad it's the same way for you! thanks for the set dear <3

Wrote three years ago
OMO UNNIE *glomp* YOU ARE TOO SWEET ♥ I'm so glad we got to meet this year as well SD buddy~ c; tho we should meet in person sometime soon because i would like to be graced with your awesomeness in real life. o 3 o but yes, I am glad i could make you smile this year unnie, and i hope we continue to be friends as well~~ <3 ^ ^

Wrote three years ago
I don't have any younger siblings so being treated as an unnie is really a treat for me! hahaha. Thank you so much and enjoy your holiday break as well! :D

Wrote three years ago
Oh, thank you! ^^
It's totally fine. I don't really care about seniority ranks or whatever. haha (most people tend to forget my age anyway :p)
Of course~ You've got a friend in me. ♥

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