As I train, I push myself hard. I have plenty of muscles from working with the livestock in District Ten so that's not the issue. I focus mainly on survival skills, trying to burn into my mind the most important. Of course, I don't really know which will be the most important, because the arena is kept secret until we're in there, but that's a risk I have to take. I can't memorize everything in only a few days. I also pass by the rope tying station, just to make sure my expertise there is limber. Ropes are a normal occurrence in District Ten, we all know how to handle one.
Weapons wise I make sure to keep my own special skill with a whip secret, concentrating on the throwing knives. I hit the targets most of the time, but it's almost always only a wound, not enough to kill. Frustrated with those, I decide to leave it, figuring if I really need to, at least I could handle the knives. I try to keep my eyes on only what I'm doing, not paying attention to any of the other Tributes. Although I can't help but notice the girl from District 7, Mackenna, is doing pretty well. I think to myself she might be a good ally, along with the boy from Nine. I make a note in my head to talk to them after and discuss being allies. 


In private training I work out my rope tying skills, the survivalist techniques I learned, and then finally showed them how I could use a whip as a weapon. The particular whip they had available had barbs at the end, so it was very effective as an offensive tool. The dummy was in tatters when I got done with it. I glance at the Game Makers, making sure my face betrayed no emotion, whatever I saw. A few of them seemed interested; I hoped that would be enough. Bowing to them, I left the room, satisfied overall with my performance, but what really mattered was what they thought. 


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