Antica Farmacista Single Votive Prosecco Candle, 3oz
  • DPM Fragrance Aspen Bay Fire Candle
    Add the sweet, spiced fragrance of sugared citrus and tropical fruits to any occasion with this scented candle. Aspen Bay’s hand-poured Reserve candles feature lead-free wicks and come in handsome recycled glass jars with metallic lids. Each candle burns approximately 85 hours. Manufacturer: DPM Fragrance. Includes: 21.5 oz. Material: Wax, glass. Care: Dust lightly to clean. Use: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always burn on a heat-safe surface away from children, pets and drafts. Keep wick trimmed to ¼" prior to lighting. Allow wax to completely liquefy across the top prior to extinguishing. Allow to cool completely before relighting. Do not allow wick trimmings to fall into the wax and do not burn lower than ½" from the bottom of the container. Dimensions: 5" x 4" Made in USA.
  • Antica Farmacista Prosecco Platinum Round Candle/9 oz.
    Our nine-ounce candle has top notes of Satsuma citrus balanced with subtle floral notes of muguet. Apricot and passion fruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. A crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne. Burn time: 60 hours. 9 oz. Made in USA.
  • Ralph Lauren Home Holiday Dinner Votives - Set of 4
    Fill your home with the beautiful aroma of these Classic Holiday votives by Ralph Lauren Home. Featuring a fragrant blend of red currant, evergreen & juniper it's made with a premium soy wax blend and a lead free single wick, this set includes four votives. Encased in a luxurious reusable dark red glass vessel these candles look as beautiful as they smell. Exquisitely presented in a beautiful tartan plaid Ralph Lauren gift box this Classic Holiday votive set makes a fabulous gift idea for any occasion.Key features: * Fragrance notes: red currant, evergreen & juniper * Dimensions: 0.95oz. / 27g each * Encased in a dark red reusable glass holders * Premium soy wax blend with lead free single wicks * Holiday Classic diffuser & triple wick candle available * Presented in a beautiful tartan plaid Ralph Lauren gift box * Great luxury gift idea for any
  • Penhaligon's Malabah Classic Candle
    Transport yourself to a magical journey along the East Indian spice route with this Malabah classic candle from Penhaligon’s. Enriched with citrus, sublime roses and spices, this stunning scent fills your home with the rich scent of an Indian summer. Made from paraffin & soy wax, it has been hand blended for a superior burn time and includes a cotton braided wick for a smoke free, clean burn. To make the most of your candle, Penhaligon’s advise trimming the wick to a length of ¼ inch each time before lighting. Key features: * Material: paraffin & soy wax blend * Fragrance notes: lemon, cilantro, earl grey tea * Heart notes: ginger, nutmeg, rose * Base notes: sweet amber, sandalwood, musk * Weight: 140g * Burn time: 30 hours * Packed with essential oils * Cotton braided wick & nylon core for a clean, smoke free burn * More creams, soaps & scents from Pen
  • Crash Zuz Design Ribbon Candle
    Crash Zuz Design Ribbon Candle. Zuz Design is a unique studio devoted to the art of pattern and surface design. Founded in 1998 by surface designer Suzie McKee, the studio produces artwork known for its play on contemporary shapes, distinct color and organic nature in a style Suzie likes to call ''prairie modern''. This concept is inspired by the natural beauty of the Great Lakes and the vibrancy of the diverse urban environment of Evanston, Illinois, where Zuz Design is located. Zuz Design artwork has been used on products in the gift wrap, wallpaper, fabric, carpet, and stationery markets. In 2007 Suzie began a collaboration with Crash Candles that combines her custom patterns with their distinctive natural scents. Features: Fragrance is black currant, rosemary, thyme, geranium and vanilla sugar. Clean burning 100% natural soy wax. Modern Zuz Design artwork will enhance any space. Complex multi-note fragrance blends. Made in the USA. 6 ounces of wax in a reusable 7 ounce glass tumbler. Dimensions: Overall: 3.5" H x 3" W x 3" D. Overall Product Weight: 0.95lbs.
  • Zest Candle Citronella Round Glass Votive Candle
    Zest Candle Citronella Round Glass Votive Candle. The Zest Candle Citronella Round Glass Votive Candle (Set of 12) is a simple flambeau designed especially to use for religious purposes. Ideally to be used as a votive candle, this one can be utilized for various other purposes as well. It has a basic round shape which is slightly tapered at the bottom. The candle stands in a clear glass, which is ready to be put up at the altar as an offering. The Round Glass Votive Candle from Zest is made of hand-poured paraffin wax. The citronella infused candle is highly fragrant and leaves behind a pleasant smell while burning. It is also mosquito-repellent, which makes it a great option to use outdoors while camping or partying. The strong and thick wick of this candle ensures that it stays for long without diffusing. This candle is smokeless, thus making it a viable option in environmentally-sensitive surroundings. The drip less feature of this candle makes it perfect for furniture mounting, where it won’t spoil the surroundings by melting away. The Citronella Round Glass Votive Candle is designed to burn for ten hours, which keeps it lasted throughout the evening. The candle can also be put up near your entryway or in the patio to welcome your guests in a warm and unique fashion. Features: Made of hand-poured paraffin wax. Glass votive candles. Easy to use and ready to go. Citronella candles are highly fragranced. Designed to repel mosquitoes. Burns for up to 10 hours. Dimensions: Overall: 2" H x 2" W x 2" D.
  • Antica Farmacista Lemon, Verbena and Cedar Platinum Round Candle/9 oz.
    Our nine-ounce candle is beautifully produced in a clear glass vessel. A wonderfully complex twist on a traditional citrus scent. Invigorating notes of tart lemon, orange and lemongrass mingle with notes of fresh Italian verbena. Subtle white florals follow and round out this delicate scent built on notes of cedarwood. A fresh bright and complex citrus experience. Burn time: 60 hours. 9 oz. Made in USA.
  • Lollia Calm Petite Luminary Candle 1 ea
    Key Ingredients: Serene meadows of blooming, honey sweet Hyacinth, earthen rooted Vetivir and fresh cut Iris. Cooled by setting Citrus sun and delicate floral waters. Gently transforms a space into a warm, inviting, elegantly perfumed environment. Design Details: A sophisticated pattern of delicate vines set in real platinum creates a backdrop of luxurious elegance. Designed to be burned alone or with its companion candle, the Honey Nectar & Citrus Perfumed Luminary, to create a third unique fragrance. Soy wax blend.
  • Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom, Lilac and Jasmine Round Candle/9 oz.
    A bright, captivating candle fragrance begins with floral notes of orange blossom, lilac and jasmine which mingle with citrus notes of mandarin and lemon. A subtle hint of vanilla musk grounds the fragrance, rounding out its dry down. 9 oz. Burn time: 60 hours. Made in USA.
  • de-luxe MAISON 100% Pure Soy Candle, Sweet Pea 7 oz (198.5 g)
    De~luxe pure soy wax candles are double scented with high end oils to fill your home with extraordinary fragrances. True to its namesake, this clean, refreshing fragrance captures delicate floral notes of pink peonies, daisies, plumeria - and of course sweet peas? with a touch of mandarin and amber that reminds you of lush green fields and sunny skies. Top Notes: Sweet valencia, mandarin Mid Notes: Sweet pea petals, plumeria Base Notes: Amber stone. Made with 100% Pure American Grown Soy Wax. Contains no harmful paraffin. Our soy wax is USDA Approved & Kosher. No synthetic additives. No preservatives. No artificial dyes. Supports US Farmers & US Economy. Reusable juice glass. Glass is American Made. Wicks are 100% cotton - No lead or zinc. De~luxe candles are made with premium soy wax, so they burn clean - no harmful pollutants like ordinary paraffin wax (which is used in almost 90% of all candles made today). We use 100% soy wax from soybeans grown here in America. The novelty of genuine 100% soy wax candles are the "imperfections". The candle has a little bit of a creamy look to it, and is not completely smooth and even on top like paraffin candles are. This look is what we call "frosting", which is a natural characteristic of pure soy wax candles. We have embraced the look. If you see a soy candle that has a perfectly even and smooth top, it is not 100% pure soy wax. Our candles are 100% pure soy wax, period. The first time you light the candle, leave it burning for at least 1 hour. The candle burns across the entire diameter of the jar, using 100% of the soy wax. This allows the candle to burn longer than a candle that just burns a hole right down the middle of the jar, which is called "tunneling". Our reusable juice glass is very thick, and can withstand the heat of a candle flame for long periods of time (without shattering or getting hot to the touch). It also has one of the most important characteristics, which is a weighted bottom that keeps the candle from tipping over. Burn Time: Up to 50 hours. No Animal Testing - Cruelty Free. Made in USA.
  • Antica Farmacista Santorini Platinum Round Candle/9 oz.
    Our nine-ounce candle is beautifully produced in a clear glass vessel. A medley of crisp citrus and green notes is artfully paired with exotic spice and natural wood essences. Top notes of vibrant Italian bergamot sweet verbena and fresh vetiver are enhanced by the subtle sweetness of rosewood, warm sandalwood and aromatic cardamom. Burn time: 60 hours. 9 oz. Made in USA.
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  • Penhaligon's Earl Grey Tea Candle
    Bring classic English charm to your home with this Earl Grey Tea candle from Penhaligon’s. Blending golden fruits, rich rose and smooth sherry, it’s finished with a hint of citrus and the lightest veil of smoke for a truly decadent finish. With a burn time of 110 hours, this paraffin & soy wax candle features a nylon core & a cotton braided wick for a clean, smoke free burn. To make the most of your candle, Penhaligon’s advise burning for at least two hours when first lighting, or until the top has liquefied & trimming the wick down before relighting. A dreamy scent that will be cherished in your home, this stunning candle is housed in beautifully opalescent glass and makes a fabulous unique gift idea for any occasion. Key features: * Material: paraffin & soy wax blend * Dimensions: 11.5x11.7cm * Weight: 750g * Burn time: 110 hours * Tea inspired indulgent candle * Enigmatic and creamy scent * Cotton braided wick for an even burn * More creams, soaps & scents from Penhaligon’s available
  • Antica Farmacista Holiday Platinum Round Candle/9 oz.
    Holiday Platinum Round Candle is beautifully produced in a clear glass vessel with our platinum leaf pattern. Introducing a classic winter fragrance of crisp evergreen notes, the subtle sweetness of toasted chestnut and caramelized sugar, dusted in glistening snow, conjures memories of a sparkling holiday season. Burn time: 60 hours. 9 oz. Made in USA.
  • Fresh Sugar Scented Candle
    What it is: A warm, citrus-scented candle. What else you need to know: This Fresh Sugar Candle is a unique blend of waxes infused with the iconic, sparkling Sugar Eau de Parfum scent of delicate lemon citrus rounded by caramel and tonka. The candle is made of a unique blend of high-quality waxes with a lead-free wick and a remarkable 50-hour burn time. The bakelit lid protects the candle and preserves the fragrance.
  • Antica Farmacista Grapefruit Platinum Round Candle/9 oz.
    Our nine-ounce candle is beautifully produced in a clear glass vessel. Antica's intricate expression process of the grapefruit peel results in a clean and invigorating fragrance that captures the essence of pure single-note grapefruit. An Italian favorite for centuries, Grapefruit is adored in any area of the home and loved by both men and women. Burn time: 60 hours. 9 oz. Made in USA.
  • Kate Spade Lemon Verbena Scented Candle
    Bring fresh style to your home with this elegant Lemon Verbena scented candle from Kate Spade. With a delicious citrus scent, this candle smells as wonderful as it looks with its beautiful turquoise and white striped porcelain holder. With stunning gold accents and ‘Start Something New’ written in gold coloured text, it’s the perfect gift idea for any occasion and makes a fabulous addition to your home. Key features: * Material: porcelain, soft paraffin with soy blend wax * Dimensions: H 10.8cm / H4.25" * Weight: 295g / 10.4oz * Burn time: 60 hours * 100% natural fibres wick * Citrus scent with floral notes * Turquoise & white striped design with gold coloured rim * Design features ‘Start Something New’ in gold coloured text * More scented candle
  • Antica Farmacista Bergamot & Ocean Aria Platinum Round Candle/9 oz.
    Our nine-ounce candle is beautifully produced in a clear glass vessel. A beautiful fragrance built on the allure of the ocean and its captivating ambiance. Fresh ozonic saltwater notes blend with soft jasmine and lavender while crisp bergamot adds a glistening effervescence. Soft warm notes of white musk and lush oak moss complete this captivating scent. Burn time: 60 hours. 9 oz. Made in USA.
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  • Williams-Sonoma Triple Wick Candle, Cinnamon Spice
    Celebrating the joyful spirit of the holidays, our Cinnamon Spice collection brings home the elevating scents of fresh pomegranate and citrus layered with essences of cinnamon, clove and cedarwood. Our premium essential oil candle is set inside a festive glass holder, with a trio of long-burning wicks that provide extra illumination for centerpieces, mantels and other focal points. Beeswax and soy-vegetable wax blend. Paper core and cotton wicks ensure a clean, aromatic burn. Created with biodegradable, earth-friendly ingredients. Burn time: up to 40 hours. Made in USA.
  • Antica Farmacista Candle, Prosecco 8 oz
    8Oz Candle in custom hinged gift box. A premium, clean burning soy paraffin wax blend with all natural, lead free wicks. Provides approximately 60 hours of brilliant fragrant splendor for the home. Packaged exquisitely, this candle makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Prosecco - Inspired by the unique spirit and style of truly exceptional champagne, this holiday fragrance is vibrant, fresh and ravishing. Sparkly top notes of satsuma citrus balance beautifully with subtle floral notes of muguet. Sensuous apricot, nectarine and passionfruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. Mellow accents of sweet vanilla ground this incredibly fresh, effervescent scent.
  • Nest Fragrances Bamboo Votive Candle design by Nest
    Flowering bamboo is mingled with a variety of white florals, sparkling citrus and fresh green accords. Net Weight: 2.4 Oz. Approximate Burn Time: 20 hours. Candles are made with a premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax that was developed over many years to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available. Nest Fragrances. is a core collection of scents created to fill one's home with the essence of luxury, sophistication and beauty. The collection combines color, texture and fragrance to enhance the everyday living and entertaining experience. Since the greatest satisfaction comes from combining great scent and style, the Nest. Fragrances Collection was created to produce a memorable and enveloping ambiance.
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  • Women's Antica Farmacista 'Holiday' Candle
    Antica's premium, clean-burning, soy-paraffin wax provides 60 hours of scented illumination and comes beautifully packaged in a pedestal presentation box.A festive medley of snow-capped Cyprus, roasted chestnuts and the accompanying open fire, the Holiday candle takes its inspiration from icicles sparkling in the sun and the incomparable purity of snowy, winter white.Notes: Sicilian lemon, bright champaca, sparkling bergamot, Tuscan cypress, Italian stone pine, redwood fir needle, roasted chestnut, rich vetiver, caramelized sugar crystals. Brand: Antica Farmacista. Style Name: Antica Farmacista 'Holiday' Candle. Style Number: 840150.
  • Citronella Votives, Set of 12
    Want to keep mosquitoes from spoiling your parties? Try our votive candles. Great for outdoor gatherings, these handcrafted candles are scented with citronella—a natural insect repellent. As the candles burn, the pleasant, lemony scent of citronella creates a safe, effective pest barrier. Smokeless candles are handcrafted of high-quality paraffin wax, scented with natural citronella. Clear glass votive holders are re-usable. For outdoor use only. Set of 12.
  • Antica Farmacista Holiday Candle
    Exquisite holiday candle from Antica Farmacista, inspired by crisp evergreen, the purity of winter white and the warmth of wood roasted chestnut. This generous candle will evoke the warm feelings of the holidays every time it is lit. Beautifully boxed in silver and dusted gold foiling on pearlescent paper.
  • Williams-Sonoma Triple-Wick Candle, Rosemary Mint
    Our refreshing botanical scent brings home the uplifting aromas of rosemary sprigs and garden mint. Premium oils from eucalyptus leaves and citrus add light, clean notes to this revitalizing herbal fragrance. Our essential oil candle is set inside a glass holder, with a trio of long-burning wicks that provides extra illumination for centerpieces and other focal points. Ideal for displaying on a mantel or sideboard, the candle also makes a great hostess gift. Eco-friendly candle is made of a beeswax and vegetable wax blend. Paper core and cotton wicks ensure a clean, aromatic burn. Created with biodegradable, earth-friendly ingredients. Burn time: up to 40 hours. Made in USA.
  • Antica Farmacista Round 9 oz. Candle, Ala Moana
    Antica's premium, clean-burning, soy/paraffin wax with all-natural wicks. 60 hours of scented illumination, Our nine ounce candle is beautifully produced in a clear glass vessel with our platinum leaf pattern and packaged in our pedestal presentation box. 9 oz.
  • Max Benjamin Scented Candle in Gift Box - French Linen Water - 190g
    This French Linen Scented Glass Candle by Max Benjamin has blended oils of lavender, sweet orange, petit grain and light citrus notes. This soft floral aroma is reminiscent of evenings on the veranda in Provence. With a white glass vessel this elegant candle also comes beautifully packaged in a pale pink gift box. A fabulous gift idea for any occasion this scented candle will be a welcome addition to any home.Max Benjamin use wax made from 100% natural resources, it contains no paraffin. The wax is biodegradable, a renewable and sustainable resource. Unlike paraffin wax, Max Benjamin’s natural wax burns cleaner with no petrol-carbon soot.  It’s slow burning, and free from pesticides and any genetically modified material. The process of creating their wax begins with a unique and special Soy bean wax which is then blended with other natural and sustainable waxes such as canola, beeswax, and coconut.Creating a Max Benjamin fragrance is an art in blending the finest selection of oils to lovingly fashion each product.  Each of their aromas has holistic properties designed to de-stress, relax and calm your mind.Key features: * Max Benjamin – Irish family run company * Scented Glass Candle in Gift box - French Linen Water * Fragrance notes: lavender, sweet orange, petit grain * With light citrus notes * Reminiscent of evenings on the veranda in Provence * Weight: 190g / 6.5 oz. * Burn time: 40 hours * 100% natural waxes & Italian cotton wicks * Finest ess
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