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SUNDAY, 25 AUGUST: Lysandra's hosting a 'golden ladies of the era' brunch. She booked the fabulous restaurant Le Menuet. Dress code: any golden girl inspiration{think audrey,marilyn,jane etc..but no Grace kelly, she's been claimed by Lysandra.


My gaze stayed fixated on my reflection in the mirror as the curling iron curled the last part of my hair, I had dyed it a darker brown especially for this just so I could look good. I chose to go as Hedy Lamarr, my first choice was Audrey but I assumed others would go for her too and a bunch of Audrey’s under one roof would surely cause some sort of awkward situation. My second was Elizabeth Taylor but finding that amount of jewellery at last minute proved to be impossible so I decided to go as Hedy.

I don’t know much about her but after some research I learned that she did a nude scene in a movie when she was only fifteen, she did an interview where she mentioned it saying that she didn’t really read the contract properly to see that she’d have to do that and that she just wanted to make a name for herself. I respected her excuse but at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder what her parents thought of it. 

Noah and I had arranged to meet up for a second date which had me screaming excitedly into my pillow for most of the morning. He even came with me to get my hair dyed at the hairdressers which was very sweet of him. “Well hey there Hedy. I’m actually waiting for Mary so could you let her know I’m here” He smiled at me; I then laughed and playfully whacked him with the hair magazine.

“Lights, camera, Gene Tierny!” Coralie exclaimed, twirling out of the bathroom and knocking me out of my thoughts. I unplugged the curling iron and chuckled at her entrance. “Ree, where is my close up? I need my close up” She posed and pouted, dramatically flipping her hair. I lifted my capture and took a picture then put it to sit on the dresser.

I stooped down to put on my shoes when there was a knock at the door. Coralie twirling and did a small leap across the room and opened the door. “Oh Bonjour, Mademoiselle Lauren Bacall and Vivien Leigh” Coralie stepped out of the way to let Jacki and Peyton in. “This is my roommate, Mademoiselle Hedy Lamarr” Coralie gestured over to me and I did a three finger wave.

“Good Evening Ladies” I grinned, air kissing Jacki and Peyton who were giggling. It was great that we were all getting into character; it made this event more interesting. We all sat down and discussed the reasons for choosing who we chose while we waited for the taxi to arrive. 

“I wonder how many people are going to turn up as Marilyn” Jacki rolled her eyes. “Or Audrey” Peyton added on. We continued to chat about classes, boys and Le Gossip, Ima’s name was mentioned a few times before the taxi driver arrived and we dropped the subject. 

The taxi pulled up on the curb in front of Le Menuet, we put our money together and paid before stepping out onto the pavement. Lysandra really pulled out all the stops, there was a red carpet leading right up to the door where two men dressed in tuxedos held the door open for the people going inside. 

They were cameraman halfway down the carpet which I liked very much as it gave the impression that we really were Hollywood Stars. Seeing a couple pose together made me wish that I had invited Noah with me. I posed with the girls, and then moved inside.

We found Janne and Ima standing together; the three of us looked between Janne and Peyton before clearing our throats and walking slowly towards the two girls. “Hello” I was the first to speak, Janne and Ima turned their attention to us. 

“Wow, you all look great!” Ima said, looking at each and every one of us. “I love your hair Mary”
“Thank you” I smiled back, running my fingers through the curly locks. 
“Peyton you look awesome” Janne grinned at Peyton, giving her thumbs up. Peyton responded with a thank you and returned the gesture. A waiter carrying a wine tray stopped next to us and we all took a glass. I sipped on the wine and grimaced, it didn’t taste that great but I kept it anyway.

Lysandra sauntered around the room, greeting everyone as she passed them. She made a good Grace Kelly. When she reached us, she cautiously eyed our costumes then nodded to herself. “Looking good, Ladies!” Her eyes landed on me. “Even you, Mary” and with that she moved onto the next group.

“That /was/ a compliment, right?” Janne questioned with a confused expression on her face.

“Yes but with a sprinkle of no” I answered in a firm tone before snorting and taking a large gulp from my drink.

The party was a hit, everyone enjoyed themselves and I received plenty of compliments on my hair and dress which was a huge raise to my confidence. I found myself dancing and swaying along to the music, finally glad to be having fun and knowing that I’ll actually remember it in the morning.


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