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Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail 
• Who are they, what do they do, where they were born, how they were when you were a kid and now, how they act with other people and you and your sibling/s

I guess I should start with my father and then work my way through my parents history…seems like the best option here. Okay, well my fathers name is Patrick McKinnley but everyone just calls him Patty, which I’m pretty sure isn’t just because his name is Patrick. I overheard a conversation when I was about twelve from my uncle Lenny talking about how drunk my father would get during St. Patrick’s Day and it might have something to do with that…who knows. 

Anyways he was born in Spain a long time ago but his parents died when he was seventeen. He was sent to live with his aunt, who at the time was living in America and was living as a maid to this super rich couple, the McKinnley’s. Well my dad was having trouble getting his green card or whatever it is that he had to get to stay in the country so the McKinnley’s just up and adopted him so he could stay in the country – they even paid for him to go through college and whatnot. So basically, though he doesn’t have a Spanish last name, it’s only because officially he’s a son of the McKinnley’s. He respects them so much for what they did and even named his company after them.

My dad is pretty much the exact same way he was back in the day from the stories I’ve heard, and trust me there are plenty. He’s loud and boisterous with an infectious smile. I really haven’t met a person out there who hasn’t liked my father. And he’s incredible with money which is how he built his business so quickly when there were a lot of people doubting him. But don’t get me wrong, he’s annoying, intrusive, and releases bodily odors like it’s a sport – but I love the big oaf. 

My mother on the other had grew up in a totally different environment and it shows. Brigette McKinnley, a.k.a. mom was born in Egypt and lived with her parents, five brothers, and all her extended family – it was family all day every day for her over there. She got through school since they weren’t too bad off in the financial department and they even sent her to college. That’s where she entered the foreign exchange program to better her English and I guess you can tell where the story heads from there. My parents met, my dad scared my mother off at first and then they lived happily ever after. 

It’s weird because if my dad is loud and out of control than when you see my mom, who’s the complete opposite, you’d never think they’d make it together. My mom is quiet and really shy but she lights up like a freakin firework when my dad comes into the room. She lives for him and it’s incredible to see. I was really lucky to live with that kind of example of love. So they might be on opposite ends of the spectrum but they’ve been happily married for over 20 years so I guess that’s all that matters right?
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Wrote 4 years ago
I want that shirt that she has on.
Do you need clipping help or are you good?

Wrote 4 years ago
Looooovve! So gooD! The mother is so lucky!

Wrote 4 years ago
@etchasketchinlola: i'm totally cool with that! their grandparents can know each other. lol

Wrote 4 years ago
I'll read in a few.
I gotsta go now.
Btw, do you mind if my vineyard character is staying with her grandparents too? I don't want you to feel like I'm copying you.


Street chic is a global cool.

Street chic is a global cool.

What is fashion? It is more than the runway; it's the people who wear them. How many times have you walked past a girl on the street and wished you were in her 4-inch-Louboutin-heels, wearing that stunning Lanvin top and swinging that YSL bag? Or how about the times when you sit in a cafe on the sidewalk, and from the corner of your eye you spot a lady running across the road in a flurry to get to the office, but still looking polished and ever so chic in her Prada pumps and Vera Wang coat?
Yes, street chic is an art form. It's about being cutting edge, imaginative, trend-setting, and marrying that with comfort and practicality. It's about wearing that shirt differently from everyone else, or matching that skirt and bag in a way no one could ever think of; not even Lagerfeld or Cavalli. It's about being YOU.
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The Fashionista Crew.

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Oh,so glamorous

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