I found some of my old Avril Lavigne Cd's.  I haven't bought any of her cd's since TBDT came out.  I dunno, I prefer her older stuff.  Her style change is okay, it's just not for me.  

SPEAKING OF STYLE CHANGES, P!ATD.  They're always changing up their sound, but I still like it :)  They're going to have a concert where I live, I haven't bought tickets yet because I don't know who I'm going with, but I will definitely be going!

I haven't been to a concert since I went to Monumentour.  That's where I only saw 2/3 bands that I thought I would see Dx Hayley Williams was sick that night so Paramore had to cancel.  I love Fall Out Boy, but I was more excited to see Paramore.  

If you read all of this lemme know your favorite concert you've ever been to!  Also lemme know the one that was the most disappointing.  

Monumentour was probably both of those for me xD Although I saw Bob Dylan in concert about 5 years ago and it was awful.  People were leaving in hordes.  I stayed the entire concert, but I could barely tell what songs were playing.  John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson also played that night and they sounded fine.  I'm not sure if it was the sound guy just being ridiculous or what.

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