i came into class and saw him. those big blue eyes. his smile. his laugh. he was perfect. he sat on his desk, while all the popular girls surrounded him. he was telling stories or talking about his hopes and dreams. oh how i wished to be one of those girls. the ones that could talk to the type of guys like him. he wasn't a jock or anything. but he could sing, and play guitar, and that won over every girls heart.... even mine. 
i sat down at a desk in the back. i wasn't too social, i had my group of friends but that was it. i also wasn't a super geek who spends their whole day playing chess or those lame boardgames, like dragons and whatever its called. i just wasn't your typical popular girl. i don't spend 2 hours on my hair and makeup, i don't sit around texting all day. i do my work so i can get into college unlike them. but society is cruel. but gosh i wish for only a day i could be
popular so i could speak to him. niall. geez i just loved his name.

the teacher instructed everyone to sit down and she started class. for about the first half of the period i stared into space. the second half i just looked around the class. i noticed a couple of niall's jock friends kept looking over at me so i stopped and just doodled in my note book. 

after class i put my books away in my locker and i saw him walking down the halls. 
i thought i saw him smile at me but he was just laughing with his friends. 
"might wanna wipe the drool off your chin." my friend said to me.
"when did you get here?" i said turning to her.
"umm my locker is here," 
"oh yeah haha" 
"who were you staring at?" she asked as i shut my locker. 
i answered with a smile and my blush cheeks.
"niall? you like niall?" she was super shocked.
"i wasn't going to get told this?" she asked still shocked, 
"it doesn't matter anyway, hes a popular he won't even talk to me."
she shrugged."well i gotta get to class. bye!" she hugged me and ran off. 

i walked to my next class about halfway to class, someone touched my shoulder. i turned around and saw him! niall! 
"you dropped something." he said but his hands where empty. i had to talk to him! he was talking to me!?! this WAS happening. calm down and talk heather, c'mon!
"umm i did?" i said shakily...
"no but i needed an excuse to come talk to you." he said with a smile. 
"you don't need an excuse to come talk to me just talk." 
"umm what are you doing tonight?" niall THE niall horan was asking ME what i was doing tonight!?! this had to be some kind of dare. 
"i'm not up for games." i said and started walking away, but he grabbed my shoulder.
"wait, this isn't a dare."
i turned back around,
"you sure?" i looked around to see if any of his buddies where around.they weren't.
"positive..." he smiled "i wanted to know if you could go to the movies tonight."
"umm yeah i can." i should apologize for coming off rude i felt bad now. 
"can i pick you up at 7?" 
"perfect.... hey sorry about being rude, its just i thought it was some kind of cruel joke you know, like you got dared to ask out the nerd."
"your not a nerd.." he leaned in and kissed my cheek gently. 
"7?" he asked one last time. 
"7" i answered.

A/N sorry this one was a little short but i hope you liked it! @vanessa1313
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