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FASHION - DOLLS - ART - INTERIOR (HOME) sets welcome! WE HAVE A CONTEST EVERY WEEK W/ A UNIQUE THEME EACH TIME! This group is ALWAYS ACTIVE! Due to rudeness I've received i must say that this group is very active and unique and though we accept all sets that doesn't mean this group is boring or pointless. I love each of my members dearly and we don't discriminate. This group means the world to me and just because the groups name has ANYTHING in its title doesn't mean that this group is stupid or give you the right to be unkind. I try to make each contest specific and open to many different styles. I want to thank each member and if your new please know i value you greatly and if you need anything at all i'm always here for you ♥ also bullying or copying others sets will not be tolerated. If you have a problem please feel free to message me anytime! This is a judgement free zone for creativity, originality and friendship! Love always ~ Des ♥ MY PROFILE: Desiree- @irresistible-livingdeadgirl ALSO MY STORY AND CHRONIC PAIN http://www.polyvore.com/chronic_pain_my_story_vulvodynia/set?id=186592951 We will also have PROMOTED contests occasionally W/ TRUSTED brands. ATTN BUSINESS / BOUTIQUES / SHOPS - Message if interested in promoting your store or brand in a contest! @irresistible-livingdeadgirl MY OTHER GROUPS: MUSIC IS MY ESCAPE (BANDS & DARK ART/FASHION) ANY set featuring a BAND or ANYTHING DARK you love! FASHION or ART! EMO - GOTH - DARK HUMOR - MACABRE - SCENE - GROTESQUE - MORBID - PUNK - CREEPYPASTA - DARKER ART - ANIME - COSPLAY SETS - HOT TOPIC - GRUNGE - MOSTLY BLACK CLOTHING and even TV SERIES SETS. Each contest will feature a dark theme or a band! EXTREMELY ACTIVE! http://www.polyvore.com/music_is_my_escape_emo-goth-punk-dark-bands/group.show?id=186085
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**NEW** USE THIS DRESS contest! (FEATURED IN SET & IN DETAILS) art, dolls, fashion welcome http://www.polyvore.com/use_this_dress_contest_featured/contest.show?id=645324 USE THE Alexander McQueen DRESS FEATURED IN THE EXAMPLE SET & IN DETAILS! 1 WEEK 12 WINNERS NO LIMIT ANY TYPE of set welcome! ART - FASHION - DOLLS sets must feature the specific Alexander McQueen dress in the details. QUESTIONS? Message me @irresistible-livingdeadgirl -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WINNERS OF LAST CONTEST - menswear http://www.polyvore.com/menswear_any_type_male_gender/contest.show?id=642756

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