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Nerine's on probation. Her most recent assignment went terribly wrong when the daemon she was hunting caused twelve human deaths. Because Nerine failed to apprehend said daemon earlier, she was held responsible. It's a lot to handle, even for someone like Nerine who was born in the Underworld and never lived among humans. Twelve lives. She beats herself up for it constantly. The conditions of her probation include having to be babysat by another daemon hunter until Alekto decides she can go it on her own again. This other hunter is named Zeuxo, who's a proper slimy git, and he treats her like she's an incompetent five year old. It's hardly a team effort when they go hunting a daemon together. The other condition is that Nerine must atone for the deaths by finding the daemon responsible for them. The only problem is he seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. How in the Underworld will Nerine ever find the daemon, especially with Zeuxo weighing her down?
Model; Antonia Wesseloh
Taken by; @Marzipanniers (???)


Wrote two years ago
I love her. :)

Wrote two years ago
@vampirkaninchen @semper-eadem @fleetingfanfan Thank you! :V

Wrote two years ago
I think this is completely perfect. I especially dig Nerine's Elysian wardrobe.

Wrote two years ago
I think you did "poor little rich girl" justice :) Also her wardrobe is killer!

Wrote two years ago
She's amazing and I love her. Simple as that. Also Harry Lloyd.

Wrote two years ago
I know that "poor little rich girl" has been beaten nearly to death, but sometimes I think it just needs a few more punches.


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