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+ Name ❥ : Skye Alexandra Stephens
+ Nickname ❥ : N/A
+ Age ❥ : (21-26): 21
+ Hometown ❥ : Originally Portland, but she moved to South Carolina to attend Forest University
+ Personality ❥ : Shy, bookish, sweet, gorgeous (but doesn’t know it), awkward, nervous, popular, well-liked, impulsive
+ Bio ❥ : Skye is a book-nerd, and uses it as a form of escapism. She was accepted to Princeton, but is still mulling over going there. When she was 14, she was discovered on the street and has been working hard on her modeling since then. She's not very well known so far, but she's hoping to change that. She's always on go-sees. Her friends think she's clever and dedicated, but she has a few dark secrets in her past that she isn't quite ready to talk about yet. When she was younger, Skye was the outcast, but she's become more social as she grows up. She loves fashion, but tends to lean more toward vintage styles.
She attended Forest University and there tried to fit in and feel accepted by the popular clique there, the Steel Cats. She ended up bailing out on the school (and her serious boyfriend) without telling anyone. She couldn’t handle the pressure. She needed a new start. So she came here.

+ Education ❥ : Still attending college in San Francisco
+ Job ❥ : Model
+ Family ❥ : Skye's family has been in Portland for generations. Her parents are artists and live in a studio downtown there. She never sees them. Her brother, Emmet, is a lawyer, though, and he works in San Francisco.
+ Past/Current Relationship(s) ❥ : Henry Cook (Joseph Gordon Levitt) was Skye’s best friend and boyfriend at Forest U, but without explanation, she changed her relationship status to single, packed up, and never spoke to him again. Part of her still loves him, but she’s been trying to get over it. Henry was the only serious boyfriend she’s ever had.
+ Best Friend(s) ❥ : Skye’s too shy to have a best friend yet. She’s only been here a couple months.
+ Describe what your life has been like the past few years ❥ : It’s been hectic. I tried fitting in at a big university in South Carolina, but it kind of sucked. My roommate was my best friend, but when she got accepted into this exclusive clique and I didn’t, things got…fractured. I couldn’t stand it, so I left everything (and everyone) I had and made a change. My brother was living out here, so this is where I came.
+ Why are you moving to San Francisco? ❥ : To get away. But seriously, see above.
+ Where do you see yourself in ten years? ❥ : I will be Someone. And I’ll have done Something. I don’t really know what I want to do yet, but I want to make an impact. I want to leave my mark on the history of the world. It’ll be amazing.
+ Likes ❥ : Reading, escapism, modeling, travel, romance, Venice, history, learning, poetry
+ Dislikes ❥ : Her parents, TV, missing Henry, memories, being teased, being awkward, ducks
+ Hobbies ❥ : Modeling, reading, taking pictures
+ Favorite Music ❥ : Quiet, acoustic stuff and the occasional pop
+ Favorite Song at the moment ❥ : Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers
+ Favorite Movies ❥ :
+ Favorite Books ❥ :
+ Favorite Food ❥ :
+ Favorite Drink ❥ :
+ Guilty Pleasures ❥ :
+ Role Model(s) ❥ :
+ Favorite Vacation Spot ❥ :
+ Pet Peeves ❥ :
+ Style ❥ : Vintage chic
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1. Skye Alexandra Stephens (Jane Randall)
2. Henry Cook (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
3. Emmet Stephens (Julian Schratter)
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