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Just thought I'd post my girl ;)

Gemma Panzavecchia, 30
Newark, New Jersey
Likes: red carpets, sour candies, the city, keeping secrets, italian food, winter, dark chocolate, designer shoes, se.x, and her friends.
Dislikes: diet sodas, working late, spicy foods, feelings, paparazzi, the subway, romance novels, math, traffic, and oranges. 
Growing up across the river, always staring at the gleaming Empire State Building at night, the glistening city on the water's edge, you can safely say that Gemma's always had a fascination with the city, always dreaming big, aspiring to make it in the city, which was always her main goal. And at the age of only eighteen, when she moved away from home to attend college, she achieved her goal. She was swept up into a concrete whirlwind, not only attending college but also getting the internship of her dreams with a real estate agency, one of the bests in the city. After doing well with that, her career skyrocketed, and gradually, not-so-slowly but surely, she made it where she is today- selling condos for fifty-mil whilst living in one, and being the head b.tch in charge at City Realty. But it wasn't just her career that skyrocketed, her social life and love life did just the same. Suddenly she was a household name, instantly becoming known for selling celebrity-worthy condos, the life of the party at social events, and never shy from the photographers, who couldn't get enough of this proclaimed 'it' girl. Men couldn't get enough of her as well, and she couldn't get enough of them either. Although Gemma was never the wild child, social butterfly back home in Newark, she suddenly blossomed in New York, and may have went a bit crazy when it comes to boys… and maybe even some girls. She'd try anything without any boundaries. Offer it, and Gemma was most likely in. A string of revolving boys suddenly floated around her, flings for weeks, maybe even for only a night, but they never lasted too long before Gemma's feelings would kick in and she'd kick them straight to the curb. That was her rule: once she got attached, they had to go. Something about it scared her, something about it worried her, so what better way to have some fun but no strings attached at the same time but just dump them just like that? The public soon got caught up in her somehow interesting love life, keeping tabs on her love life, and maybe even promoting her business even more. They always say people talking is a bad thing… but is it for Gemma? No way. But it may be bad news for her if her latest fling, one with a head, married, CEO of a famous company gets out. How would the press take that? Not well at all. She's either got to dump him, or come clean, and unfortunately, she doesn't plan on doing either of those actions anytime soon. But keeping things this serious in the dark is always risky… especially when the flash of the cameras are always there to bring new light.
Model: Miranda Kerr

And Gemma's men:

Marlon Faye, 36
New York City, New York
Likes: suits, cinnamon altoids, little italy, horror movies, leather furniture, gemma, crime shows, se.x, hot showers, and a good sense of humor. 
Dislikes: his marriage, keeping secrets, strong perfume, cheap alcohol, apples, tabloids, black and white movies, lazy people, working late, white wine.
Meet Marlon, most likely you've heard of him. The gorgeous, thirty-six year old CEO of his own company, raking in the millions every day. He's one of NYC's top businessmen, as well as being one of the youngest. He's created an empire at such a tender age, but don't use his age against him. He's on the same level as all of the other businessmen who are in their fifties or sixties even. Marlon knows how to play his cards right, he knows how to make a good business investment. He knows how to play the game in the city, especially considering the fact that he grew up around it. His parents were successful in the business world, entrepreneurs and always taking on new endeavors and when they retired, instead of taking their company, Marlon decided to start his own and his business was born. He started out simply by buying and selling properties, fixing them up and selling them for a profit, a very large profit. He'd buy mansions, condos, apartments, you name it. Hotels, restaurants, stores, he'd do it all. Soon word of mouth got around, he was owning these top businesses in the city. He played his cards right, earned his money, and all whilst doing so, married a gorgeous woman he was in love with. Wait… was? Was, yes, as in the past tense. The affection wore off, and it's been occurring in the past few months where he's maybe been sleeping with another woman… another very successful woman.. who may just so happen to be his wife's best friend. With his life in the public eye, business as well as personal, he's putting a lot at risk by keeping this type of secret. But as long as the secret stays hidden, he's safe… well, for now.
Model: Leonardo DiCaprio


Adonis Carras, 35
Los Angeles, California
Likes: greek yogurt, his life, big cities, traveling, his family, Cherry Coke, working out, relationships, social media websites, parties. 
Dislikes: Crying, wrinkled clothes, heavy perfume, pomegranates, waiting, sticky things, oranges, being late, negativity, awkward moments.
If you think Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are the definition of being famous for simply being famous, then you haven't met Adonis. The stunning California native with unique Greek heritage and that stunning last name to get him where he wants is apart of that famous Carras clan. His already rich, socialite family got their big break when a reality show was offered to them three years ago and since then, they've gotten nothing but richer. The drama comes and goes between him and his four siblings, their parents, and their significant others, and now that Adonis has moved to New York and may be getting slightly more into the party scene of the Upper East Side, the show's ratings have gone way up. But also since moving to New York he's had his eyes on a few women, one of which, he's crossed paths once or twice whilst in the process of moving condos, a certain dimple-smiled brunette that he just has to get his hands on. And he will… but will it be for the right reasons?
Model: Matt Bomer


Guess who started high school? 
Bleh, me :P
I start full days tomorrow and already, I need a vacation… if you don't see/hear much from me… well, then you know why because I'm already preparing for my as.s. to get kicked when it comes to work.
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