- Youth Without Youth // Metric 

Somehow this set manages to look to crowded yet also to empty. Only I could suck this bad -.-

“Babe you know I can see right down your shirt right?” Sam asked me out of the blue, like the true charmer she was.

“I do now.” I rolled my eyes, leaning my head back slightly from where it rested on Danny’s leg to look at her, “What the big deal, I’m wearing a bra.”

“Just letting you know Danny’s probably getting an eyeful as well.” She shrugged. Titling my head so I could make eye contact with Danny is sent him a questioning look.

“Hey, I’m not complaining.”

“See no issue,” I attempted to shrug lying down which was not particularly successful.

“Don’t you care?” Owen asked curiously, from his position on the floor once again. It was like the boy didn’t trust us enough to sit on the furniture with us.

“Owen you’re so cute.” I cooed, “I wanna just ruffle his hair,” Except I was to far away to reach instead I just directed Ella to do it for me. Which she kindly did, “Sweetie it’s nothing Danny hasn’t seen before,” I winked at him, which led to a lovely pink blush spreading across his face.

“Why are you dressed so fancy like?” Lucy asked curiously, bouncing into the room and perching herself onto the arm of Ella’s chair.

“She’s got some time in the studio this afternoon.” Ella answered for me.

“Oh, how’d you swing that?” Lucy cocked her head at me as she not so casually planted her feet in Ella’s lap. Basically it was a well known fact I lived to dance but that I was so poor currently I couldn’t even afford studio time at our local dance place

“Darren promised me time if I helped him teach a beginners class.” I told them, drumming my fingers along my bare leg, “So I have to teach the 5 year olds for half an hour this afternoon and I get an hours studio time.”

“Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.” Owen nodded which was sweet. He was just incredibly sweet.

“And you’re going dressed like that?” Sam snorted, gesturing at my body.

“What’s wrong with this?” I asked, eyebrow cocked questioningly.

“Yea,” Danny spoke up, “I happen to quite like it.”

“That’s because you’re getting an eyeful of boob and leg.” Ella pointed out in her oh so dry way.

“To be fair we’re all getting an eyeful of leg.” Owen was on fire tonight. Lucy seemed to think so as well because she leant down to give him a high five.

Lucy did take pity on me however “Alright, let’s leave Natalie’s clothes alone.” 

“Damn straight.” I said haughtily, “or none of you will ever have the privilege of getting an eyeful ever again.”

Which was exactly the moment Owen started to choke on his Coke. And I thought we’d been making such progress with that boy.


Just so I know you read this because I’m curious to know who did let’s play a game. Which character do you think is which model? And that is me finished bugging you for now. Thanks for you patience guys I kinda wanna make you all sets as presents xD 

@ingrid @chrissykinz @vicks @martasmiling @pudding-fong @kkerry and @sarahstardom because even though you didn't respond your on vacation and might be interested?
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