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Apollo was the greek god of prophecy and oracles, healing, plague and disease, music, song and poetry, archery, and the protection of the young. He was depicted as a handsome beardless youth with long hair.

His attributes include a wreath and branch of laurel, raven, bow and arrows and a lyre.

Apollo was the sister of Artemis who similarly sported a bow and arrow. Their mother was the godess Leto. Apollo is often confused with Helios God of the sun although they are separate divinities. He was one of the most significant of the gods worshipped by the Greeks with more worship, festivals and oracles with strong influence on the public.

Famous myths associated with Apollo include:
-His birth by mother Leto on the island of Delos
-The music contest with the satyr Marsyas who lost and was flayed alive
-The youth Hyakinthos, Apollo's lover, who was killed by a discus throw and transformed into a flower, the Hyacinth
-His love for the nymph Daphne who fled from him and was transformed into a laurel tree
-The Trojan War in which he brought plague to the Greeks and helped Paris slay Akhilleus.
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