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- Bigger Than Us // White Lies

Layout credit to @ingrid 

Cordova Reintroduction 

-Name: Willow Caine
-Nickname : N/A
-Age: Seventeen
-Year & Coven: Seventh, Arborvitae
-From: Salem, Massachusetts
-Bio: Willow seems to be the wild card of Arborvitae not much is known about her. She tends to keep to her-self, either studying or working on her photography. What little is known about her is she comes from a family that still practices old magic and are true Wiccan witches. Willow believes whole heartily in her Wiccan ways and traditions and tries to in-tune her-self with nature to influence her abilities and talents. Willow has a unique talent for potions, divination, and charms having been taught in the ways of old magical practices. It also seems her lineage can be directly tied back to many executed at the Salem witch trials, making her also especially interested in magical history of America. Maybe one day soon someone will be able to break through Willow's walls to find the gem within.
-Model: Ruby Aldridge
- Wand: Pine, 10 ¾ inches,
- Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
- Broom: Doesn’t have one. Prefers her feet firmly on the ground.
- Skills: Particularly skilled in Divination, and Potions. Good at Charms and Herbology. Is a True Seer.
- Skilled Quidditch Positions: Chaser if she played
- Boggart: Inferi
- Patronus: Snowy Owl

This set ended up much girlier than I remember Willow being. Oh well, I'm going to reinvent a couple of things about her anyway [not in the bio just in how she was written] Also going to redo her collection which is why it's not linked here

I'm really excited for this to reopen and since Willow is one of my favourite rp characters ever, hopefully we'll get some new blood in as well which should be fun :D

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