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Personal Q's
~ Name: Jordan
~ Background Info (age, where are you from, or anything you are comfortable with sharing: I'm 16, I'm from a small town, I love to go on adventures, or read and drink tea :3
~ Describe yourself: I like to make art, observe everything, and try new things.
~ Your style: Vintage, with indie and sometimes grungey details
~ Favorite color: Green
~ Favorite animal: Foxes 
~ Biggest goal in life: To travel the world
Co-Mod Q's
~ Why do you want to do this?: I really like your sets, and I don't want you to stop making them, so I thought I'd help!
~ How often would you be active?: I usually make sets every 2-3 days
~ Can I trust you with passwords?: Indeed
~ Can I trust you will not use my set ideas on your own account?: Of course!
~ Have you ever been on a tip account?: nope
~ Do you curse excessively in your sets?: nah
~ On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested in this position? probably a 9 or 10
This or That
~ Tea or Coffee: Tea :3
~ Books or Movies: Books
~ Cats or Dogs: Both
~ Harry Potter or Hunger Games: Harry Potter, Harry Potter, ooh!
~ PInk or Blue Pink

@imneverchangingwhoiam c:
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