Flight 41 from Tuscon to Gila Bend was supposed to be an ordinary up and down flight across Arizona. But when horrible sandstorms hit, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in the middle of the desert. The landing was rough, and the pilot was killed, along with a few other people. The only survivors were eleven people who found themselves stranded in the middle of the desert with no help. No one could get to them in this storm. But they discovered that there was one place that was safe, and that was Shadow Ranch.
Shadow Ranch, built in 1840 by Nathaniel Warren, is unaffected by the sandstorms in and around the area. Its neighbors are cliff-dwellings from the natives of the area. And once upon a time, it was near Mesa Creek, a bustling little town in the Old West. But that all changed, and now, Mesa Creek is abandoned.
Nathaniel Warren had a daughter named Elizabeth Warren, and she was madly in love with an outlaw known as Jackson Parrott. However, Nathaniel forbade her from ever seeing him again, and Jackson was executed at high noon the next day. Horrified, Elizabeth ran away and was never heard from again.
Now, the ranch belongs to an amiable couple, Larry and Nancy Riley. They have no trouble sharing their home with these traumatized survivors, and the stay even becomes enjoyable for most of them. However, what Larry and Nancy haven't told anyone yet is about Jackson's horse. In the past few weeks, they've seen the ghost of Jackson's horse come around once or twice, and shortly after, bad things have happened. Larry and Nancy don't want to alarm anyone, but they'll find out soon enough when the horse makes its next appearance.
What really happened to Elizabeth Warren and Jackson Parrott? What's hiding up in those caves? And most importantly, why is Jackson Parrott's horse back now? The survivors of Flight 41 thought that when they found the Riley Ranch, they'd found their salvation, but if they're not careful, they're going to walk straight into their demise.
Based on "Secret of Shadow Ranch." Created on July 5th by Grace and Lauren. Do not copy.


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