April Fool's Day

Wow! I can't believe we're on our fourteenth contest!
Anyways, in honor of April Fool's day coming up, I'd like you to submit any funny or wise Twilight sets you have. That makes a pretty big range of what you can submit. It can also be from anything: the actors, the movies, the books, whatever, as long as it's somehow related.
I know it's not April yet, but I wanted to do this contest before I forgot.
The contest will be one week long, with a three entry limit (sorry), and 10 winners.
Good luck!

Here are some examples:
I Hate You. The End.I Hate You. The End. - by ♥ℓuℓu♥ (birthdαy bαsh Mαrch 19) on Polyvore.com

For: /\/\αyα♥taking requests!!! For: /\/\αyα♥taking requests!!! - by MADZ :] (taking requests) on Polyvore.com

No Change.No Change. - by ♥ℓuℓu♥ (birthdαy bαsh Mαrch 19) on Polyvore.com

Created by notthelifeiordered. Created in Twilightluvrs <3 (CONTEST: BEST OF '09). 112 sets from 50 members. Ended 7 years ago.