Aqua reign

Aqua, turquoise, sea blue, I love the color quick fix
  • Good Wishes
    "with aqua as an accent to all the pastel colors and textures this is a beauty "These are a few of my favorite things,"" — @leotajane
  • vegetal jail
    "the color in this piece sprinkles the way to the serious face in the woods. It defines the space as light, airy and takes you through the composition. Great placement" — @leotajane
  • 12 961. FOR PIAPIA.
    "in the ocean in the sky aqua effects us in all ways. I love the mingling of trees. The black contrasting against the aqua is perfect" — @leotajane
  • cat.
    "Yellow surrounding a tiny sea of cat eyes make for a great first impression, the textures and colors ooozing out and matted down make this cat the Duchamp of kitties" — @leotajane
  • Bunny in Blue
    No item description
  • Bluebird Birdseye
    "A tour de force of aqua the color of all, with winding stairs to mysterious places, fairies or magical beings flowing, whimsical rays of light create movement and dance within a 2D world. amazing, leotajane" — @leotajane
  • Picture Play
    "Using aqua against a vibrating red background is a compelling powerful piece. i love the feel of a collection of individual pieces assembled for our viewing pleasure" — @leotajane
  • Hot girls don't wear war bonnets
    "The erased memory of a human line, the color of the sea, and looking at native Americans makes this a powerful, provoking piece. Unstable yet definable" — @leotajane
  • Ghost of the Maiden (3.20.13)
    "Monochromatic pieces enrich the life of the color, to see it in all it's glory, texture, lightness, darkness, shape, pattern, this is heavenly. It is one of my favorite colors, seamless, active & captivating" — @leotajane
  • Sunspot
    "Aqua/Gold, gold, 1 of the most precious metals on earth & aqua, color of the sea covering 3/4th of the earth, together make a paramount force to signify life's meaning, it's importance of air, of earth of atoms, carbon, nature, our life simplified" — @leotajane
  • camouflage
    "her stare, avoid being herself under wings, the end, the end of what, her tolerance? being in this body, this personality these feelings, what is over, all the words, so much to learn, she has hidden it though" — @leotajane
  • Cat Eye Glasses
    "Our Eyeglass Queen brings so much more to the table than creating objects out of her moniker, the fantasy of snow colored like the Med. Sea is a wondrous paradox. Little surprises, wondering what the mist will do, who runs the hotel, is it a hotel?" — @leotajane
  • portrait with ladybugs
    "a beautiful halo of aqua hair, and the wisps and energy of color reaching out to bring you in, her mood something to ponder. her part of nature a wonder. a gorgeous piece, leotajane" — @leotajane
  • Aqua
    "such strong profile image to connect the woman with her sea, the creatures come to see her. The sliver of moon, and seagull, as if this is all a modern mythology." — @leotajane
  • Untitled #74
    "this is like drowning into the beautiful sea, all your joys moments memories have you safe and warm, the flashes of images, the beauty of this piece is profound" — @leotajane
  • catch my scream
    "a terrified subject. with blue light energy transforming her, getting into her, change, the curve of the elements turn this into a constantly moving piece never ending, no rest." — @leotajane
  • Everybody hurts Take comfort in your friends Everybody hurts Don't throw your hand Oh, no. Don't throw your hand If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone
    "cannot forget how this color can be loved in fashion, it's faded pale qualities allow many other colors to be it's wearable friends. People that pick this to wear are generally very nice people." — @leotajane
  • Bez naslova #70
    "as aqua is the base or foundation of this piece there are many thoughts or emotional elements running through my head & the symmetry is not perfect making it perfect, amazing piece" — @leotajane
  • Cold blue
    "aqua, being a light happy color makes this piece vibrant, happy and would light up a room" — @leotajane
  • Sea of flowers
    "aqua with all it's color friends, makes for a alluring piece with detail & delicate parts one can appreciate not known how hard this can be. great balance" — @leotajane
  • Untitled
    "I have discovered the love of having elements of art in a contrary position is one of the most interesting & eye catching pieces, this is lovely, leotajane" — @leotajane
  • The Worldwide Wars on Women & Girls
    "the sea, the sky all have this color in their repertoire, along with the other faded colors and the constrast of black crackling, a beautiful set" — @leotajane
  • I´m just a dreamer...
    "vintage aqua or turquoise paint looks beautiful against the sun, our girls hair, the birds, I love the monochromatic look" — @leotajane
  • Untitled #23
    "Aqua & orange go so well together with their vibrating boundaries, all that is offered in this collection draws all your senses ( even smell with a donut)" — @leotajane
  • Untitled #26
    "very powerful piece, information, contrast, and dream like, in perfect balance" — @leotajane
  • In The Depths Below
    "the color, textures, information all intriguing makes you want more" — @leotajane
  • All or Nothing
    "Great title, great funny bone use, and aqua works it." — @leotajane


Wrote two years ago
Thanks for being included in this "Aqua reign', and for my part i appreciated your interesting comments. What a great work.

Wrote two years ago
beautiful collection!! :D

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous collection! I love aqua/teal, too...they are are both tranquil and rejuvenating, all at once! :)

Wrote three years ago
Glad you liked my piece, thanks. Your descriptions are wonderful and conscientious.

Wrote three years ago
Fabulous collection,thanx!!! :)

Wrote three years ago
thank you! what a nice surprise! ;D

Wrote three years ago
Great collection, tanks!!!

Wrote three years ago
@leotajane Thanks for adding my art in this amazing collection,and thank you for your wonderful

Wrote three years ago
Very beautiful job on this collection


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