Arénam in Pictures

Arénam is located in the Magna Desert, the largest desert in Stella Rudimenta. Nestled between Terrae and Ventus, the city is often visited by travelers crossing the desert, as Arénam is the only patch of life in the unforgiving landscape.

Nearly seven hundred years ago a group of travelers from Terrae discovered an underground springs while lost in the desert. They settled near the springs and the population grew until the land was finally declared Arénam.

Over time Arénamians have adapted to the harsh heat and scarce water supply. Their tanned skin protects them from the sun and retains moisture. Their loose fitting clothing also keeps them cool. Most of the population lives in huts made of mud brick with scarce furniture. While the Arénamians live simply, they are skilled artisans and make pottery that is highly desired throughout Stella Rudimenta. One of the most popular occupations is a merchant. Merchants visit the larger territories to trade Arénamian goods. They are best know for the gamelus they travel on, similar to camels.

The population of Arénam is nearly 500, with many able to trace their lineage back to the city's founders. The territory values community, hard work, and living simply. This is best reflected in the Arénam religion, Saburra, a polytheistic worship of various gods representing family, fertility, harvest, etc. Four times a year the Arénamians have extravagant festivals to thank the gods and celebrate the changing of the season. This is one of the rare times where it is acceptable to indulge in one's desires.

The history of Arénam is one of strength and stability, with little political turmoil in the past centuries. However in recent years there has been talk of a shortage in the water supply. Without the springwater, the Magna Desert would become unlivable, destroying the territory forever. Another phenomenon is the underground rebel movement. The territory is lead by a single leader chosen every ten years. The advising council selects the leader, however the corrupt advisors only chose leaders that will benefit themselves. While the rich live in splendor, the poor are forced to the outskirts of town. This inequality has caused many to begin organizing against their government. With these new developments, the stable Arénam might not be stable for long.
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