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Wrote 4 years ago
Abi - Oh dear lord. You are my favorite British girl,(: - I LOVE YOU ABI. You make me laugh, and smile. Your one of my closest friends on here. You are so sweet and so very wise. We first met on Brinston as well,(: I miss that club. Hahaaaha. I love how easily we get along,(: In life, not many find true friends. But I know that I have a true friend in you. xoxo
- - - -
Catalina - CATALINA. Your amazing. The best RPer I have ever met. Your creativity, and spirit makes me smile. You are one of my closest friends on here. I love you so much! We first met on the A.List. Awful club. Hahahahaha. You make me smile everyday. I promise that you will be an amazing writer when you grow up. xoxo
- - - -
Daniella - MY AUSSIE. i love you soooo much. Your like my twin! WE get along so well and talk about te most random stuff. I promise one day we will be united,(: xoxo
- - - -
Ashley - My Jackson buddy,(: We first met on Brinston. The whole vampire theme, ahhah. You are really sweet and super nice! I love your medoll, gosh. You are a great RPer. (: xoxo
- - - -
Maddy - We first met on Jackson. The very beginning. You are so sweet and so nice,(: You are funny and overall just amazing. I am so happy that we have become close. Love youuu! I love making you PV sets. So much fun,(: xoxo
~ I want to just say thank you everyone. You all mean so much to me. I just cannot imagine going on without having met all of you. You all mean so much to me. More then I'm sure I'll ever mean to you. But that's not the point. You have all taught me a lesson in life. That's happiness can be found with friends. I love you all up there so much. <3

My tiny section,(:
- - -
I'm Addy,(: - I am 16 and love to RP. Need a club? Join Jackson_Prep. We love new members. My PV is tennisgirl2696. i love tennis. It makes me happy. Truly. I love it.
My likes;
+ Tennis
+ Friends
+ Family
+ Baking
+ Red Velvet Cupcakes
+ Vera Bradley
+ Pink
+ Harry Potter
+ Accents
+ Photography
+ Ombre
+ Art
+ The Bee Movie
+ Despicable Me
+ Disney
+ Hollister
+ Abercrombie
+ Summer
+ Roses
+ The Wanted
+ Fransico Lachowki
+ Christian Ronaldo
+ San Fransisco
More will be added later.
(c) Birdfan. Copy? I'll steal your cupcakes and eat them in front of you.

Wrote 4 years ago
[♥] a r a b e l l a p o p p y l o u i s e d e l u c a. . .♥
[♥] a z a l e a s a l p h a. . .♥
[♥] wearing ;; polyvore.com/arabella/set?id=6397 1972. . .♥
hair ; Long loose curls with a diamond tiara on top of her head. . .♥
makeup ; natural. light pink lipstick. . .♥
- - - - ♥ - - - - - - - - -
"It's for my gang." The 5'8ish man sasys and gives me a cheesy smile. I swallow hard and swivel back and forth in my chair. "I'll have one pink lemonade. However wash your hands first. Only God knows where they have been. . ." I say sarcastically and smirk to myself as he follows my demand and drum my fingertips on my chair. I hear my phone trill Rihanna's Birthday Cake and quickly scan my eyes across the text.
[all students will receive this text]
To; All Jackson Students attending the ball
From; Principal May
Attention all students - We will be providing musical entertainment for you all after your appetizers. Have fun. Stay safe. Don't drink. xoxo
I can't help but to giggle lightly at the last few words. I smile to myself and take the drink from the bartender. As he turns his back, I quickly rub the edges of my glass with my tissue and then take a sip. "Mmm. Mmm. Absolutely perfect."

Wrote 4 years ago
[♥] a r a b e l l a p o p p y l o u i s e d e l u c a
[♥] a z a l e a s a l p h a
[♥] wearing ;; polyvore.com/arabella/set?id=6397 1972
hair ; Long loose curls with a diamond tiara on top of her head.
makeup ; natural. light pink lipstick.
- - - - ♥ - - -
"Thank you Sebastian." I say smiling lightly and wave to him as he drives off. I turn around and face the mansion with my head held high. I pick up my dress see so slightly and begin to walk towards the courtyard. As I'm walking, I stop and admire the dozens of red rosé bushes.

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