architectural digest: art deco, streamline moderne (1)

**special issue 1:
The Art Deco Style was first developed for the French luxury market after World War I. The style was a self-conscious split from the past, the world before the war, and was designed to celebrate the new technologies of electricity and gas powered vehicles. The design motifs are drawn from Ancient Egypt, Africa, Turkey, and Japan while the colours are influenced by the Fauves and the Cubists. In addition to architecture, Art Deco left its mark on everything from lamps and foot stools to purses and hair combs.
Streamline Moderne, sometimes referred as Machine Age or Art Moderne follows closely after Art Deco and for many of the same reasons. Art Moderne was a response from designers to the needs of ordinary citizens living in the modern world of cars, airplanes and automats. Art Moderne designers looked towards a new age with the idea that mass production and quality were not mutually exclusive. The new look can be summed up in one word - streamlined. A basic rectangular building can be made Moderne with the addition of curved bays, chrome siding, Vitrolite, glass block, or neon signage. These designs are generally found on restaurants, cinemas, drug stores, hardware stores and the residences of desperately tasteful people.

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