(Inspiration)..Title by Walter Adolph Georg Gropius was a German architect and founder of the Bauhaus School.
I'm sure student under Arct&Ent ever have heard this great quote.

Sth bothering me lately,I'm on my last year of master studies time passed so fast right? i just saying i graduated from Ent just like yesterday.some members here also congrats me back then,master program@my university are 2-4 years but generally students taken for 3 years,4 is just in case.
I'm half way to be an Architect and already being an Engineer.
Idk why i'm nervous,big question is i possible not continue career from what i was studied for.
so sad is it ? because i can't leave my current career&being a baseball player.
this dream almost come true i spending time for almost 6 years..back to the reality i work (@fashion field,magazine/FTVJP fashion braodcast) the opposite 2 worlds never come across in reality.
and realized that why i studies hard for? i hope so i will not waste my brain out for 6 years studies goshhh sudden i feel terrible and my feel towards to my classmate they scared about their reality,this feel creepy come to me !!

kind of my teen? crisis ~

pls hugs me :)

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