name; Meg Elizabeth Syrena Smith
goes by; Liz or Syrena
age; 19
from; Paris, France
personality traits; shy, spunky, stubborn, doesn't like rules
likes; photography, art, yoga, music, dancing, laughing, reading, playing with kittens, talking long walks on the beach
dislikes; dogs, snotty people, snobs, preps, blood, needles, doctors
short bio from birth up to this point; She is the youngest of four. She has an older brother who loves to joke around with her and play with her and two sisters who taught her everything she knows. When she was born she was the miracle baby, nobody thought she was lived since she was born by emergency c-section after a car crash. She lived in the hospital her first year of life and she has always been fragile and sweet. Although school she was ignored and called names and just made fun of, she had her close friends but still no one knew her for her. She graduated high school and still hasn't decided on what to do with her life when she was entered into this contest....
model; Astrid B

+please answer these questions as yourself
01. What are your hobbies or interests?
Photographer, Art, Developing Photos

02. Would you be able to handle the papparazzi?

03. Which prince(s) are you most interested in and why?
Prince Amedeo and Prince Carl. Because they look like nice people who appropriate more then what they are given. Who will stop and smell the roses

04. Who is an idol of yours and why?
My mom she is an amazing person!! She gets herself and all us through so much

05. Any last words?
Um... nothing at the moment
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