Recently back from Iceland, where she moved to after Ali vanished. Once returning to Rosewood, she meets and hooks up with Ezra Fitz after she meets him at a bar called Snookers, which she sneaks into. When the first day of school rolls around, she finds out he is her AP English teacher and he finds out she is not, in fact, a grad student.In Perfect, Sean Ackard,her then boyfriend, tells the cops about Ezra and Aria's releationship. She has kept a secret for her father for four years but eventually, 'A' later exposes this secret to her mother Ella. Aria's father, Byron, was having an affair with his student Meredith and moves out because of it. After finding out who A is, Aria moves back in with Ella but can't keep her eyes off of Ella's new boyfriend, Xavier. In 6th grade, she was also a secret admirer of Ali's brother Jason, who was in the same grade as Melissa Hastings and Ian Thomas. Aria is described to have blue-black hair, lucious lips, and a very distinct sense of style.
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