Aria Waters

the modern day princess roleplay ♥
Ariela "Aria" Waters (Ariel)
Name: Ariela "Aria" Waters
Age: 17
Bio: Ariela has Irish origins, but has never known her natural family. Until the age of 6 years has been in a foster home in Texas. Then Aria has become one of the many adopted children of Waters. An American family of great importance. Her father Trone Waters, is the governor of California and her mother, Anthea Quin, is a fashion designer of English origin. Anthea is the second wife of the governor. The couple, once married they decided to move to Orange County and to put on a great family, natural or not. That's why Aria is left with six sisters (Tina, Aqua, Andrea, Sarah, Ella, Alanis) and a little brother. The little Flo is the only natural heir, the fashion couple and strategic spoiled by all his sisters. The one who watches over all this commotion of teenagers is the manager or nanny-Seb-Anthea's best friend who try to make filar straight eight pests. Aria this year will move and attend the last year of high school in New York City! (much to the disapproval of her father)
Personality: Aria is very sunny, little inclined to obey and respect the rules. She loves to sing and in fact is a graduate of the academy of art and entertainment. She is also passionate about fashion. Besides, music and fashion are the passions of the whole family! Aria loves all her sisters, but it is particularly linked to Alanis, which is to all intents and purposes, her best friend, and her little Flo.
Likes: traveling, sea, adventures, Fashion, Music, Family and watch the fights between Sarah and Aqua!
Dislikes: orphanages, Rules, assistants of her parents who want her and her sisters in a reality show like "Waters Girls" ... Sucks "
Model: Roland Holland

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Cute collection!!

Wrote three years ago
Ariel ♥ Ariel ♥ Ariel


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