Ariana Beaumont.

+ Name: Name: Ariana Florencia Beaumont.
+ Age: 16
- - - -
+ Appearance:
Ariana has luscious, think brown hair that she likes to let loose, or tie up in a bun. She takes pride in her hair, and loves to twiddle a lock around her finger whilst speaking {{flirting}} with someone. Her hair's always glossy, soft and curly to wavy.
Ariana has great bone structure with high and prominent cheekbones. She loves to exercise, and isn't lazy when it comes to getting up at 5AM to wheedle off to the gym. Her legs are always tanned, never fake, that would just look 'ew' in her eyes. They go on for miles, and are always slim and never got a scratch or bruise on them. Yes, Ari looks after her body well. She doesn't do 'dieting' but she always has a healthy food plate that keeps her body in perfect shape. Her lips are pinkish, plump and glossy, tucked into a bow shape or smiling arrogantly. She has a tiny waist and slender arms, soft hands and long, clear nails. Her nose is as cute as a little upturned button and her eyebrows are dark and usually arched. Her breasts are quite big, but not too big - she inherited them from her mother. Her eyes are a dark blue, and always shining merrily beneath her dark, long eyelashes.
Jena Goldsack.
+ Hometown : Spain, Nerja.
+ Family: Mother; Olivia – Housewife & Models a little - Owns fashion line - 37.
Father; Lucas - Hollywood Director - Connected - 40.
- - - -
+ Likes and Dislikes:
Ariana loves Dance. She has always been a little ballerina and never plans to stop. Loves Victoria's Secret. She also enjoys judging people. It sounds horrible, but Ariana was not blessed with a good personality. When she’s older, she always thought she’d like to be a VS model, and she still does, but when she was recovering she spent a lot of time with her baker, Mary. She was one of the few people she trusted, and Mary introduced her to baking. In the future, she has a slight ambition to become a chef.
Fish; she hates any fish in any shape or form. Partly it’s because she doesn’t like the taste, but 99% of the reason is because, in her eyes, fish is death. On the night of Jacob’s parent’s death, she had fish for supper. On the night she became a murderer, she had fish. It doesn’t make sense, but to her, it does. She hates cheap clothes, makeup or jewellery. She hates slimy people who suck up to her. She hates people who pretend to be her friend. She hates a lot of things, but she equally loves a lot of things.
+ Short biography:
Ariana is a girl born into wealth, and fortune. She was destined to be special. Her life always seemed like a perfect road to a perfect ending. Well, life isn't always what it seems.
It's the time in Spain where everyone's getting out their mittens and feeling the snowflakes on their tongues. The smell of mulled wine is in the air, and carolers are knocking at people's villa's doors. Christmas trees are being imported from Poland for the rich, and as this is all happening, a baby is being born. A baby with shining blue eyes and a tuft of dark brown hair was welcomed into life on the Seventh of December.
Ariana was born in a quaint little town in Spain: Nerja. Her house was a stunning villa with pools and palm trees - she has only known wealth and happiness, but suffer played it's part later on. For three years she lived happily, not a care in the world with her Mother and Father. Jacob Romero and his family were extremely close friends to the Beaumont family, Mr and Mrs Romero were second parents to Ariana. Until the accident. The Romero's were walking back from an evening meal at a restaurant; a madman with a gun started shooting that area of the town. Jacob's parents died protecting Jacob from the gunman's bullets. Jacob was only four. His life, his family - all gone. Jacob ran to the Beaumont’s and ever since, he has lived under their roof. No paperwork was needed. Olivia and Lucas decided living where the parents of Jacob died was haunting for him, so they moved to the shining state of opportunity - California. Ariana and Jacob had a brand new adventure that they chose to take together. They grew up childhood sweethearts holding hands on the beaches of Los Angeles. It all changed as they entered their teen years. Because Lucas was so well connected, being a Hollywood director, he got Jacob into the career of acting. Jacob loved his acting, but Ariana felt worthless, for once in her life. She felt un-noticed, alone and needed attention. She’d never felt this before. It was a strange sensation. At her prime loneliness she had a mental breakdown.

+ Personality: Ariana, is, well, one of those girls. You can't blame her; she was born that way, baby. Growing up in a rich family, she does not know poor, and for that she can be insensitive. She's spoilt, and obviously everyone knows how the little rich girl acts. Forever eating salads and practicing cheerleading, she can sometimes sound like the cliché, but not always, she will be nice to people. If they are her level of popularity... But all those negative aspects over, we can move on to the more positive. Ariana strives to help her friends, and will go out of her way to gossip with them {'oh my goddd, poor girl}. Try and approach her if you're beneath her and she can skin you alive with just her eyes, but she won’t usually, just don’t be /that/ tacky. Inside, she hates her personality, but she’d never reveal that, she’s gone too far now; in creating that image. She's sly and witty but has an unfortunate habit of being extremely flirty. The fact she is so romantic won’t go well with the fact she will be attempting a long distance relationship.
+Secrets: Her breakdown. No, seriously. That's not a lot? Well try this. 'The voices tell me to throw up my food. The voices control me, so yes, I shot a man - they told me to.' Uh huh. I'm talking bulimia, screaming, fits, everything. But, that's not it. She shot a man. Her counsellor. He came to see her regularly. One time, he came, listened to her ramble on about the voices, and then tried to comfort her. He touched her and she screamed. Opened a drawer, found her Dad's gun and shot him. Spots of blood stained the white carpet as they fell, drip drop, drip drop. Ariana recovered, of course. She went back to school with a smirk on her face. She said she went away to modelling camp. No-one but her family and Jacob knew what actually happened. Her followers returned. It's been a year since she shot him, and Ariana was happy and content with her lifestyle now, but Lucas thought it'd do her good to get away from the real world for a bit, and sent her to CapeGroveHigh. She also has another secret, in her new school; she won’t be shy to meeting new guys. She's not perfectly happy to end it with Jacob, but, inside, she knows that the flirtiness inside her might take over. Oh, and she has another secret. She was always planning to stay pure until marriage... on her 16th birthday she lost her 'V' to Jacob. She will never tell her parents. But she doesn't care anymore, she's now at it like a rabbit... hehe.
+ Hobbies: The typical teen. Dance, Cheer, Gymnastics, looking down at people… But she loves to bake and swim. As a young girl she took up flute and still loves it. She stopped when she had her meltdown, so she’s only grade six, but she’s packed her flute and is planning to play it there.
- - - -
+ Strengths and Weaknesses: Ariana cannot sing. She hates singing and she will point down refuse if you ask her too. Well, that’s not really a weakness, but I thought I’d add it in. She hates those stupid xbox games – the ones about death. She hates the boys that play them too, who get pleasure from ‘blowing up people’. Even if it is only fake. She takes death very seriously. For a teenage girl, she’s been too close to it. Her strengths are putting on a brave face, gritting her teeth and getting up every day. She can give good advice, when she wants too. She doesn’t show her emotions very well, and has been called a sociopath. Obviously that person regretted what they said. Ariana sent them hurtling down the social ladder, and her face was still straight. But later that day, when she got home, she cried. Its sad how the little things affect her so badly when’s she’s alone.
*+ Clique Choice: Alpha? I would be happy with any, but ‘Mean’ or ‘Barbie’ clique does sound right for Ariana.
- - - -
+ Activeness: Everyday. I’d be very active.
+ Anything extra? : HEYYY:D
And her theme song:

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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
@marcjacobsluva, I need inspiration, & you gave me it. ♥


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