☯ do you like the person you've become under the weight of living ☯

↠ name: (officially changed to) skye isla locke
↠ pronunciation : ( sky ) ( eye - la ) ( lock )
↠ age: 21
↠ date of birth: december 5th
↠ year: junior
↠ major : philosophy
↠ appearance: joanna halpin
↠ personality: i think the first thing people notice about me is that i'm hopelessly impulsive. always doing whatever comes to my mind without a second thought to the consequences. this can be both a positive and negative trait to posses - for example i will wake you up at 3am and we'll drive around town, getting out at random places and just laying on the roads, trying to work out the best spot for star-gazing. but the next day you might have a test, and fail it, and i wouldn't care at all. i'm an awful friend, as sometimes i'll be super interested in you, want to go out with you, choose you for my late night adventures, but about a week later i'll drop you. wont reply to your texts. i'll move on to a new friend. you wont ditch me back. you'll wait for me. you'll wait purely because when we did spend time together i made you feel like you're the best person alive, and just for that reason, you'll be willing to wait. time spent with me is always exciting, reckless, and usually dangerous. i will not do anything trivial, even if it has to be done - i'll leave it to someone else. i can be confident and open, then aloof and distant in the blink of an eye. openly, i'll admit i don't have much respect for other people's feelings and wave people away if they ever try and open up to me, unless i really care about them, which rarely happens. i radiate powerful energy that attracts and seduces; i'm wickedly compelling. i'm never unsure and i always have a strong opinion on something, it's hard to enter into a debate with me because you know i rarely give up, so desperate to get my points heard. i always express my passions without fear of being judged because i just don't care about other's opinions on me. sometimes i'm not entirely sure why people actually like me, /i/ dont even like me, but i'm fairly sure it's because my because my good traits are so wonderfully strong they overpower the bad - well, i hope so anyway. i'm tangled up in my own losses, regrets and fears which causes me to become a mystery - nobody knows the real "skye" and i don't intend anybody too. the real skye is full of joy but haunted by loss, and the thought of someone finding out my weaknesses scares me to death.

↠ biography:
i watched as the house erupted in blood red frames. gasped as all the windows smashed and spilled fire. i cried as my father was carried out of the burning building, limp and lifeless, stolen of breath. for weeks on end i sobbed, my heart leaked heart ache and longing for just another moment, another second with my father.
i'd grown up in a remote village called ipsden by the countryside in oxfordshire, england. i was a very materialistic child, wanting everything and anything my dark blue eyes fell upon. as my family were very wealthy, they catered to my endless need for new items, so i continued to buy and buy and buy, oblivious to the fact i would loose every last bit of it in a few years.
one sunday afternoon when i was thirteen i was on a bike ride with my mother, through all the fields and meadows and woodlands. it started the best day of my life and ended as the worst. we came home to the most horrific sight. our gorgeous, modern home was up in flames. my mother fainted and i was the one who had to call the firemen. i couldn't stop thinking about my father; where was he? had he escaped? the question had a tragic answer.
my mother was a very weak woman as when she was six, she fought a battle with cancer and, although she won, she never truly lived the same as somebody who was never diagnosed. she relied on my father to keep her strong and without him around, her weakness was left with me to handle. from the day of the fire my life was turned around. upon hearing all of my items were burnt to the point where none could be fixed, i expected to have some sort of breakdown. but i didn't. it was in that moment i realised nothing i owned meant anything to me, and family was the one thing i treasured most.
my mother and i came to a collective agreement that we would not continue to live in ipsden. instead, we chose to live a whole new life, in sydney, australia. we did just that. it was wonderful, really. aside from the fact we were both still mourning over our loss we were, well, happy. the sun and nice weather worked miracles for my mothers health and i was finally free to go and do what normal teenagers do - though i was not a normal teenager. i had mentally aged years; i was a lot more mature than most girls of my age.
when i was fifteen i changed high schools, as my mother was not pleased with the teaching staff at my old one school. she decided as i did not spend much money on clothes or anything really, i deserved extremely high quality education. i was sent to north sydney girls high school, and as you can imagine, i didn't see many guys. along with every young girl of my age, i was constantly falling in love with passing strangers and whatever guy caught my eye, but nobody really made my heart flutter - nobody really stood out. this was until mr king was allocated as the north sydney girls high school guidance counselor. maybe it was his chiseled jawline, or his deep brown eyes, or maybe i just loved the feeling of knowing he was an older man, but i fell hopelessly, dangerously in love with him. i'd make up stories how i dreamt about my troubled childhood every night just if it meant i could go and talk to him. i'd purposely leave my bag in his office for just a second longer with this man that was seven years older than me, and, sadly, the love of my life.
i had to prove to him i was different, more mature than my peers. i was more than just a student - i was girlfriend material. he was only 22, and i was almost legal, it could work, right? sadly, it couldn't, and didn't. he did, eventually, realise he loved me back and what wonderful times we spent together. he made me wait until i was legal until he slept with me, but when we finally did actually sleep together was when it all went downhill. my best friend at the time, avalon, suspected something was up. she spied on me after school and when she found out my dirty little secret, she was the first to run to my mother and the police. i remember i was confronted first by my mother, not the police. i was petrified and guilt flooded through my veins. i knew i was the cause of all this and the blame was entirely on jaidon. i snuck out later that night and drove to his house, age sixteen, and insisted he ran away with me.
he was so hesitant.. i should've realised the warning signs and gone back to bed when i had the chance. he felt the guilt and distress almost as much as i did; he was going to be arrested and loose his job and all social status he obtained. it was crushing, but you do stupid things for love. he drove and drove for hours on end, then took a sharp turn and suddenly started crying, screaming, shouting. the turn lead us to a cliff and he stopped the car just before the drop. he screamed at me to get out, his beautiful face mangled with tears. i did as i was told and waited for him to join me. with one last gentle kiss and a whisper of "i love you.." he followed me out of the car, and slowly walked to the edge of the cliff. with a moments pause to look at my face, he jumped.
since the accident, i buried myself into my studies, focusing hard on philosophy, as i've always known that's what i want to do at college ever since i was young. my mother found a man that she adored, and insisted that i followed that dream and bought me an apartment on the upper east side of new york. i got into astrology and photography and really felt as if i finally knew who i was. it was refreshing and a new start from my dark past - i didn't even have to look after my mother anymore. it's a guilty thought but a true one. after i felt i was ready, i enrolled into the edison-rosenburg institute and i'm currently having the time of my life.
↠ likes:
music, photography, weed, coffee, ice, dares, challenges, the beach, debates, sunsets, sunrises, her mother, books, writing, partying, s-ex, england, burgers, body-mods, lsd, raspberries, records, scissors, robert sheehan, rings, freckles, old movies, denim, leather, the 60s, the 20s, shots, travelling, the breakfast club, ferris bueller, cant buy me love, hammocks, making out, woodlands, yoga, 3am adventures, revenge, black, fireworks, nirvana, the smiths, smoke, pizza, the frat pack, camping, oversized shirts, cartoons, festivals.
↠ dislikes:
waking up, modern art, vanity, animal cruelty, pretentious people, the sound of chewing gum, makeup, people with no goals, when ice is not offered, rowdy men, dubstep, sexism, racism, homophobia, noses, love, valentines day.
↠ extra ( i condensed the original enrollment )
important family members
summarised secret


Wrote one year ago
i hope finally i get a chance to fully roleplay her!
im sooo sorry i didn't see this dani!! but me too, she's so beautiful.
and alonzo, but you know that now ;)

Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
ahahaha yes and they be so pretty!!! <3 i love joanna halpin.
omg i'm so excited for this new cycle and all our charries *-*
lol ahaha :p but like omg which guys are you bringing back? :D

Wrote one year ago
ahah yeah basically everything in my collections are clipped, especially the models
and hahaha aw thank you, I love yours too!!! and they were baes
I know omg @dreams-and-tranquility-xox

Wrote one year ago
lol but you clip most of your photo's so they are awesome .<
OMG YESSSSS. hey excuse you but i love your charries. 'specially skye. she and poppy were baes. *not poo lewl*

Wrote one year ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox again

Wrote one year ago
ahahah thanks but they're awful, i made so many of them like three years ago or something!!
me neither, we just had a half term which is a week off and now i have four weeks until i get another 2 weeks off, but that's gonna go by so slow
and im excited to rp with you too!!!!! but i honestly don't see how you wanna rp with me again, my characters aren't that fun ahha

Wrote one year ago
ahahahaha that's cos you're fab and people are jealous of you're awesome collections ;)
i'm pretty good, i haven't been doing much lately tbh.... xD
australia is just weird :p
lol i tend to just check now just in case you forgot :p

Wrote one year ago
forgot again omg @dreams-and-tranquility-xox

Wrote one year ago
ahaha well i do too sometimes, like the tests and years and other stuff is different, but a lot is similar.
and ahaha well people like like stuff out of my collections because they think i'm inactive lol. and goooddddd actually, what about you?

Wrote one year ago
Ikr I get so confused with you guys for cgh because I don't know what the heck half the stuff are lewl
YASSS <3 really? such a popular child ahaha mine fluctuates up and down tbh, like sometimes heaps and the none. how's life been!?

Wrote one year ago
ahah my friend from australia recently visited and told me all about your education system, it's soo different.
ohh no i went on it actually quite a lot as even though i don't do anything i stil get loads of notifications, and definitely <3
ooopppsss, forgot @dreams-and-tranquility-xox

Wrote one year ago
Ooh that's cool I can't wait!
Lol I don't know what happens, cos Australia is different. Good old Australia ahaha.
Omg yes, I've been looking at your page every now and then and I though you disappeared off poly ;( if we ever leave we have to contact each other some other way <3
Lol you keep forgetting to tag me xP.

Wrote one year ago
ahah all my characters are juniors i think anyway so they're not allowed to live on campus
and yes!!! her fc is shanina shaik and i'm really excited. her major is law.
and i'm so excited to be back too and i missed you and everyone else so much! abby actually contacted me first and said the same!

Wrote one year ago
actually can i just also say i'm so excited you are back omg.
i freaking missed you man.
i just have all these crazy memories of us lewl.
*dani is still so weird*

Wrote one year ago
awh thanks *-*
nah that's fine i actually don't really want to plot much this time.
are you making a new charrie? ^-^
i'm actually so excited.

Wrote one year ago
yeah poppy was really good
and haha i'm not gonna plot anything yet until all my characters are done and i'm up to date on everything i've missed, but maybe! x

Wrote one year ago
and poppy was mine, but i let her go :*
bianca and skye will get along so well omg.
can i just say roomies? *-*

Wrote one year ago
of course! she's probably my fav girl yet! @dreams-and-tranquility-xox

Wrote one year ago
omg you brought her back. official love <3

Wrote one year ago
aww, tysm @dreams-and-tranquility-xox

Wrote one year ago
i have always loved skylar so much <3

Wrote two years ago
omg thank you so much

Wrote two years ago
this is so f-cking sad.
my god it's perfect.

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox love you too and sure!

Wrote two years ago
<3 love you heaps izzayy ;) come plot with meh - - http://www.polyvore.com/plotting_set/set?id=120956964 xx

Wrote two years ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox wait no it was because the internet told me it was haha

Wrote two years ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox thank you so much and yeah, aers gonna be in cape grove, and yeah i know but i went for that one because i wanted it to be mixed or something like that i can't remember

Wrote two years ago
oh can i just say nsg (north sydney girls) high in sydney isn't actually the best school :P ahaha but who cares ^-^. i live in sydney ;) xx

Wrote two years ago
like this is like so effing perfect. c: are you bringing your other guy charrie you were going to? *the one with like cancer* xD xx

Wrote two years ago


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