I am LIVID! So there I am enjoying my last full day in paradise with my best friends while Chace and the boys do their own thing when reality slaps me right in the face. Guess who decided to not keep her word? That's right, Vanessa f[u]cking Arillat! I will have her head or my name isn't Arianna Susan DiLaurentis!
There are pictures of Chace and me all over the tabloids! Not just any pictures, but pictures of our private time here in Hawaii... the only time I thought we could finally relax and just have fun in public. I know it was her... Who else could it have been? I haven't seen a single camera lens the whole time we've been here save for hers. I want to beat her face in!! Why can't she just leave me alone?! I'm not here to play model to her little paparazzi game!
My head nearly exploded from the anger when I first saw the tabloids but the girls managed to calm me down enough to come up with a plan and while I'm giddy just thinking about the imminent danger looming over Vanessa's head, the anger is seeping back in. Chace and my friends will have to literally keep me as far away as humanly possible from Vanessa tomorrow as we head back to New York City. She has no idea what I'm capable of... none. I may put on the same pretty face as the rest of my colleagues for the cameras, but I am still a Billings girl and when provoked my temper can rival even Mia's.
Till next time,
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